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See Data Integration Hub 10.1’s Cloud & Big Data Integration in Action

Informatica believes there is a better way to do data integration and so we developed the Integration Hub as the next generation way to modernize your data infrastructure.  With a flexible combination of centralization and self-service for distributed teams, Informatica Data Integration Hub’s publish/subscribe hub architecture powers your data projects to a new level of... more

What the Financial Services Industry Can Learn from Their Youngest Clients

Kids these days! They love their interwebs and their snappy-chatty apps. They love instant access to data. They love having control over virtually every aspect of their lives, whether that’s hailing an Uber or pre-ordering that latte from Starbucks, so it’s ready when they walk in the door. And guess what? They also love to... more

Blue Hill Research Links Dollars to Analysts’ Data Prep Time: Highlights from “Quantifying the True Value of Collaborative Data Prep” [Webinar Recap]

In our recent webinar “Quantifying the True Value of Collaborative Data Prep,” principal analyst James Haight of Blue Hill Research and director of product management Andrew Comstock discussed the key findings and implications of the Blue Hill Research benchmark study. First, we’d like to thank everyone who joined us for the live webinar. We appreciate all... more

TDWI and Rabobank to Talk About the Power of Data Hubs to Boost Business Value

Data hubs are gaining significant momentum as companies look for ways to boost productivity and governance of data integration. Organizations want to reduce duplication, overlapping data movements and transformations. They want to be able to deliver the same, fresh processed data to multiple applications and analytics systems on-premises and the cloud to ensure all teams... more

Quantifying the True Value of Collaborative Data Prep [Webinar]

    Ever wonder how much time analysts spend preparing data for analysis? What are the costs of inefficient data prep? Blue Hill Research was curious too. So they surveyed 186 data analysts to find out how they spend their time and what tools they use to prepare data for analysis What did Blue Hill principal... more

Hybrid is Better Than Pure Breed! And Data Must Be Managed in Hybrid Cloud!

What is it about us human beings? We have two beautiful breeds: a Poodle and a Labrador. Then, somebody feels the need to create a Labradoodle? (Though they are pretty cute!).  Or we invent an electric car, but cannot let go of our reliance on the infrastructure, so we then invent a hybrid car. With... more

B2B Data Exchange 10.0 Further Enhances Self-Service for Partner Ecosystem Collaboration

As organizations around the world increasingly try to leverage their partner networks to create competitive advantage, tools and automation become critical enablers.  To further expand beyond large partners that have the systems to work with complex and regimented standards such as EDI, requires the ability to share data in more flexible ways and formats.  In... more

When It Has To Be there NOW, They Use PowerCenter Real Time

This international delivery company needed a platform for large volume data processing that could handle their big data needs and was architected for real time applications. In particular, their international shipments always needed a Data Warehouse system for clearance and regulatory information (customs records) that they need to keep for 7 years for compliance purposes. This was a part of their operational data integration and modernization project. How did they accomplish this? They currently use Informatica Real Time software to read from JMS