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New Tools for the Data-Driven Marketer: Salesforce Wave Analytics and Informatica

Marketing has become a very right-brain discipline, where the top recruiting targets are no longer creative directors, but data scientists. And in many marketing teams it has become extremely important to foster that data-driven discipline, which includes proficiency with data and analytics, not just through data scientists but across the entire marketing team. In my... more

Is Your Data Ready to Maximize Value from Your CRM Investments?

A friend of mine recently reached out to me about some advice on CRM solutions in the market.  Though I have not worked for a CRM vendor, I’ve had both direct experience working for companies that implemented such solutions to my current role interacting with large and small organizations regarding their data requirements to support... more

Bulletproof Tips to Optimize Data Transformations for Salesforce

In the journey from a single-purpose cloud CRM app to the behemoth that it is today, Salesforce has made many smart acquisitions. However, the recent purchase of RelateIQ may have just been its most ingenious. Although a relatively small startup, RelateIQ has gained a big reputation for its innovative use of data science and predictive... more

What do CIOs think about when integrating Salesforce?

Salesforce.com is one of the most widely used cloud applications across every industry. Initially, Salesforce gained dominance from mid-market customers due to the agility and ease of deployment that the SaaS approach delivered. A cloud-based CRM system enabled SMB companies to easily automate sales processes that recorded customer interactions during the sales cycle and scale... more