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REST your Master Data Services

REST (Representational State Transfer) is an architecture style that is designed for communications between different interfaces in the simplest way. As the REST API uses simple HTTP calls, it is much more accessible from different interfaces. Thanks to Roy Fielding, REST APIs are available all over the world wide web today. For example Twitter REST... more

Find your API Economy

The new API economy is changing the way businesses collaborate and compete. APIs have become the de-facto standard for cloud and mobile applications. They give you the ability to unlock and break free from your legacy systems and transform your business into an open and agile platform. Recently, Forrester released a report that sized and... more

From the Ashes of SOA: Service-Oriented Integration for the Hybrid App World

History is full of instances where a new technology or idea seemingly arrives before its time and has difficulty taking hold because the organizational, cultural or technological foundation simply isn’t there to support it. One such infamous case I keep coming back to is the spectacular rise and gradual fall from grace of SOA. It’s... more