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Public Sector and the Impact of GDPR

From May 2018, the new EU General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) will require all Public Sector organisations to more effectively understand how they manage data on their citizens, contractors and staff. What does GDPR mean for Public Sector agencies? GDPR will introduce a new set of requirements on agencies around managing the privacy of data... more

At St. Joseph Health, Trusted Data Enables Better Patient Care

For St. Joseph Health, improving health and quality of life of the people is the ultimate mission. It requires a number of considerations, or, “dimensions of performance” as it was introduced by the organization at this year’s MDM & Data Governance Summit in San Francisco: Cost of the care – including the current and projected... more

Tweet Away at the Informatica Government Summit for a Chance to Win!

The Informatica Government Summit is tomorrow and we couldn’t be more excited! Our great speaker lineup includes experts from Bloomberg, FCC, USPS, MeriTalk, the Department of Defense and more! We have more than a half dozen breakout sessions with public sector industry experts and Informatica customers and partners. If you’re going to be there, we want... more

Is the Internet of Things relevant for the government?

Get connected. Be connected. Make connections. Find connections. The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connecting people, processes, data and, as the name suggests, things. The recent social media frenzy surrounding the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has certainly reminded everyone of the power of social media, the Internet and a willingness to answer a... more

Application Retirement: Old Applications, and Their Place In The Sun

What springs to mind when you think about old applications? What happens to them when they outlived their usefulness? Do they finally get to retire and have their day in the sun, or do they tenaciously hang on to life? Think for a moment about your situation and of those around you. From the time... more

Talk Amongst Yourselves: Why Twitter Needs #DataChat

Within Government organizations, technologists are up against a wall of sound. In one ear, they hear consumers cry for faster, better service. In the other, they hear administrative talk of smaller budgets and scarcer resources. As stringent requirements for both transparency and accountability grow, this paradox of pressure increases. Sometimes, the best way to cope... more