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When It Has To Be there NOW, They Use PowerCenter Real Time

This international delivery company needed a platform for large volume data processing that could handle their big data needs and was architected for real time applications. In particular, their international shipments always needed a Data Warehouse system for clearance and regulatory information (customs records) that they need to keep for 7 years for compliance purposes. This was a part of their operational data integration and modernization project. How did they accomplish this? They currently use Informatica Real Time software to read from JMS

Real Time Data Integration Best Practices – Fast, Not Furious

This blog suggests principles for real time integration best practices. Real Time integration means augmenting traditional integration solutions with real-time data integration to Reduce decision latency, Improve decision quality and company responsiveness, Increase visibility and enable proactive analytics, alerts and notifications to customers and executives in order to meet competitive and regulatory demands.