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Is Big Data Buzz Distracting you from the Data Movement Fueled by Tableau & Qlik?

Are people at your company using next-generation analytical tools such as tableau and Qlik? If you answered yes, then your organization is one of the growing list of 32,000 organizations using QlikView and 24,000 organizations using tableau to organize data, visualize data, analyze data, and take action based on data insights without any technical skills... more

Everybody‘s Doing It! Learn how at Informatica World 2015!

Everybody’s doing it.  And if not, they say they are doing it anyway!  Are you doing it?  We all hear the mantra: ‘Data is an asset’.  Everybody wants to get in on the action.  Hear at Informatica World 2015 how Informatica customers are using data integration agility to drive business agility.  These organizations are relying on... more

Informatica World 2015 – Are you Ready for the Data Security and Privacy Track?

For the first time ever Informatica will have a Data Security and Privacy track at our annual Informatica World event. This highlights the fact that Informatica is investing in a new and exciting area called Data Centric Security. Data Centric Security is comprised of two inter-related components: Data Security Intelligence (understanding where sensitive data resides... more

Retailers Age of Engagement – Get Ready with Informatica World 2015

In 2015, CIOs will invest in omni-channel integration technologies as a top priority to support growth in the omni-channel shopper sales premium of 30%, due to IDC Retail. Recently attending a retailers’ internal strategy day with Supply Chain Leaders and Commerce Leaders has shown, that omni-channel investements are paired with supply-chain optimizations. The digital transformation is... more

Is Your Product Data Costing You Sales?

Shoppers want and expect a consistent experience regardless of the sales channel they choice. They also expect an ever increasing assortment of products with detailed descriptions and will go were their needs are met. 39% of US online adults cite that they would consider buying from an online retailer they had never previously purchased from... more

5 Reasons to Attend Informatica World 2015

We will be descending on the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas May 11-15 to partake in Informatica World 2015. Will you be there? If you are still undecided, here’s five reasons to go. One Conference, All Things Data If it looks, sounds, smells, walks and talks like data, it will be discussed, reviewed, debated and... more