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Transformation Competency: It’s Time to Get Good at It

This is the third of three posts covering the core aspects of the next-generation integration competency center that we’re calling Enterprise Data Competency. In previous posts, we started with integration competency—the basic but increasingly challenging task of making all your data streams play nicely together—and then moved to information competency, which is the ability to... more

Information Competency: Some Data Just Matters More

This is the second of three collaborative posts (Part I) in which David Lyle, Rob Karel and I take an introductory look at the next-generation Integration Competency Center that we’re calling Enterprise Data Competency (EDC). Our first post discussed integration competency, and the need for agility despite escalating complexity. We also considered that most businesses... more

Integration Competency: Agility Despite Complexity

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting thoughts, collaboratively written with my colleagues, Rob Karel and David Lyle, on the concept of a comprehensive next-generation Integration Competency Center that we’re calling Enterprise Data Competency (EDC). As we discussed in a post a few months ago, the three of us are working on a book that... more

Next Generation Integration Competency Center (ICC)

The Integration Competency Book was published 11 years ago and to our delight is still going strong. Every month we see a steady stream of purchases through Amazon and iBooks from all corners of the world. It is rewarding to see the ongoing interest and to appreciate the timeless value of a book about foundational... more

Part 1: The Economics of IT Service Management

IT Service Management can improve bottom-line profits, manage risks and regulatory compliance, provide a consistent customer experience across products and channels, and enhanced quality of work-life for employees.  This is the first of a two-part article about IT Service Management (ITSM).  In this post I define what ITSM is while part two presents an economic... more