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If Going Digital Is All About Change, Why Are We All So Useless At It?

The human psyche is designed for emergency braking. It’s not so good at long-term self-preservation. Humans aren’t great at long-term preservation. As a society, we are prone to procrastinate, go with the status quo and not upset processes. I can feel a few of you getting ready to hit the ‘comment’ button… but before you... more

Hamilton Faris, Chief Data and Analytics Officer for the Americas at MetLife, to Keynote MDM 360 Summit New York

“Data and analytics are foundational to our business. It’s the lifeblood of our customer-centricity strategy,” says Hamilton Faris, Chief Data & Analytics Officer for the Americas at MetLife. Hamilton is the keynote speaker at the MDM 360 Summit in New York on February 24th, 2016. In his keynote presentation, “MetLife and the Client Journey,” Hamilton... more

Trusted Data Enables Cost Savings Opportunity by Focusing on the Total Customer Experience at EMC

“Trusted data has helped EMC identify opportunity costs of over $40 million a year,” said Barbara Latulippe, Chief Data Governance Officer at EMC, during the Informatica World Tour in Boston last month. Are you wondering how? Barbara explained that EMC’s data used to sit in a swamp. Now it sits in a lake: a vast... more

Sohaib Abbasi’s Tribute to the World-Class Informatica Team – current and former members

Dear friends and colleagues, In my last note to you about Informatica, I would like to sum up the qualities that I believe distinguish you as members of “Team Informatica”: conviction, fortitude and creativity. These traits shine through in three stories of your extraordinary triumphs over seemingly insurmountable odds. More than a decade ago, in... more

Technology and Process are Commodities; Data Differentiates

“Technology and processes are commoditized, because everyone has access to the same technologies, but data makes your company unique,” said Raman Murali, Vice President of Enterprise Analytics Management at The Chubb Corporation. Raman made this point during a lively panel discussion on the “State of the Insurance Industry” at the Financial Executive Summit in New... more

How To Get More Bang for Your Data Integration Buck? Agility is Key

We all want to stretch our dollar as far as it will go.  If you work in IT today, this should particularly resonate.  The mantra we hear every time?  “Do more with less!”  So how do you support ever-increasing data complexity and volume? Fend urgent demands for quality data from business counterparts?  All this while... more

Three Missteps to Creating Great Customer Experiences

Which misstep are you making to solve your customer experience problem? No one ever said that solving the customer experience problem was going to be easy. Companies aren’t structured to support complex customer relationships across different functional areas – such as marketing, sales and customer service – nor across their many brands, products, channels and... more

Best Kept Secrets for Successful Data Governance

If you’ve spent some time studying and practicing data governance, you would agree that data governance is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor.  Across industries, a growing number of organizations have put data governance programs in place so they can more effectively manage their data to drive the business value. But the reality is, data governance... more

Commerce Ready Data for B2B & B2C at Informatica World

If you’ve been contemplating to transform your business, making it a priority to embrace digital transformation, this year’s Informatica World 2015, in Las Vegas, has a series of B2B and B2C sessions for you. Here are some I wish to recommend: B2B Commerce Ready Data PartsSource Improve Customer Experience with Product Information in Medical Parts Brian Thomas,... more