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Transforming Informatica Automation: The Case for a Unified Workload Automation Solution

This is a guest post, by Frank Melchiorre.   Handling the flow of growing amounts of messy data from multiple sources throughout the enterprise is a complex process. Whether moving transactional data so that it can be reported upon, migrating application data from old systems to new ones, or integrating data from external suppliers or partners,... more

Introducing Informatica Cloud Summer 2016: The Most Complete Cloud Integration Solution for the Hybrid Era

I can’t believe that we’ve reached the half way point of 2016 already, the time has gone by quickly for our Cloud business. We have already had some notable achievements to-date, such as Gartner’s recent report announcing Informatica Cloud as the #1 global Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution provider based on 2015 market... more

Start Your Journey to Becoming a Cloud Integration Guru at the Cloud Innovation Summit

Join us in San Francisco, May 23-26, at Informatica World to get a deeper look at how Informatica Cloud can help you increase agility, reduce costs, and optimize your Hybrid IT environment. This year we are kicking off Informatica World with a one-day Cloud Innovation Summit on Monday, May 23rd, that focuses on helping you... more

It’s Hybrid Cloud, Baby! At Informatica World 2016

In yesteryears’ Informatica World conferences, you might have heard our product managers share our vision of a hybrid solution.  This year, it’s really real!  Hybrid Cloud is main-stream!  Companies, large and small, will be standing on stage with us, discussing their journey to cloud and how they manage their data in hybrid cloud architecture, using... more

A Playbook for Digital Disruption: Is Your Company Ready?

Catching the next wave Geoffrey Moore starts his latest book entitled “Zone to Win” by urging companies not to sit still because today this makes them a sitting duck. But he at the very same time, he suggests that leaders at “incumbent enterprises” are not stupid. These companies are making investments in their future. What... more

A Manufacturer’s Must-Have Guide to Informatica World 2016

Data amassed in manufacturing organizations is happening at breakneck speed as investments in IoT, cloud, and additive / smart manufacturing are becoming commonplace. The struggle isn’t can you collect data, but how can you make that data actionable and implement the insights that are hidden in those massive data streams to improve your business. Informatica... more