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Data is Like Gravity

In High School physics class we learned that all the forces in the universe are based on four fundamental interactions; the strong and weak nuclear forces, the electromagnetic force and the gravitational force. Gravity is unique compared to the other forces in that a) it interacts with ALL particles, and b) its power is cumulative... more

Next Generation Integration Competency Center (ICC)

The Integration Competency Book was published 11 years ago and to our delight is still going strong. Every month we see a steady stream of purchases through Amazon and iBooks from all corners of the world. It is rewarding to see the ongoing interest and to appreciate the timeless value of a book about foundational... more

HP Scales to Execute 200K Data Integration Processes Daily!

Did you know that HP’s Informatica Shared Services implementation allows hundreds of HP projects worldwide to leverage PowerCenter capabilities easily and cost effectively. Would you like to learn how? We are super excited to host the experts from HP at our upcoming webinar on Sept 24.  They will talk about how they scale their environment... more

To Determine The Business Value of Data, Don’t Talk About Data

The title of this article may seem counterintuitive, but the reality is that the business doesn’t care about data.  They care about their business processes and outcomes that generate real value for the organization. All IT professionals know there is huge value in quality data and in having it integrated and consistent across the enterprise. ... more

The Three Ingredients of Enterprise Information Management

There is no shortage of buzzwords that speak to the upside and downside of data.  Big Data, Data as an Asset, the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, One Version of the Truth, Data Breach, Black Hat Hacking, and so on. Clearly we are in the Information Age as described by Alvin Toffler in The Third Wave. But... more

Data Integration in Action at Informatica World

Wouldn’t you like to have been a fly on the wall when American Airlines and US Airways experts got together to integrate their data systems into one cohesive post-merger system? Now you can experience the next best thing by attending InformaticaWorld 2014 and hearing the American Airlines US Airways Data Architects talk about the data... more

Data Governance Policies Shape Organizational Behaviors

Continuing the tour of our Data Governance Framework, it’s time to discuss the corporate policies that must be documented to form the foundation of your data governance efforts. When defined, approved, evangelized and enforced appropriately, these policies have the power to accomplish a feat that grassroots data governance efforts fail at repeatedly: Evolving your corporate... more