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The Cloud is Here – but is your Integration Strategy Ready?

Hybrid IT is here to stay – from Infrastructure and Platforms (AWS/Azure/Google) to SaaS (Software as a Service) and from Mobile to Social – companies are now heavily dependent upon data sources that sit outside of the traditional firewall. The move to the cloud is happening fast – perhaps faster than anyone could have predicted,... more

Informatica and Snowflake: Build your Next-Gen Rapid Data Warehousing on the Cloud

The cloud is proving to be immensely popular as it provides self-service, elastic, managed, on-demand infrastructure, platform and solutions to the organization. Organizations can put just about any process, application or system in the cloud, the data warehouse being one of them. Snowflake is one such data warehouse purpose built for the cloud. According to... more

Transformation Toolkit – Essential Data Management Kit

Transformation is one of those buzzwords of the moment usually preceded by Digital, BSS or OSS. It’s at this point that many people start to debate what it actually means. Once you are past that discussion the business must concern itself with how can we transform. To achieve a successful transformation, like any journey, before... more

Sohaib Abbasi’s Tribute to the World-Class Informatica Team – current and former members

Dear friends and colleagues, In my last note to you about Informatica, I would like to sum up the qualities that I believe distinguish you as members of “Team Informatica”: conviction, fortitude and creativity. These traits shine through in three stories of your extraordinary triumphs over seemingly insurmountable odds. More than a decade ago, in... more

Data Wizard Bringing New Magic to the Data Loading (ETL) Process

This blog comes from Dan Harrison (@DanHca), an unabashed IoT geek, who connected Salesforce to his physical mailbox just for fun. He is a Platform Specialist/Architect for Salesforce and spends time using his deep technical understanding to help businesses learn how to make complex operations simpler using technology to derive value. In my role, I spend... more

Informatica Doubled Big Data Business in 2014 As Hadoop Crossed the Chasm

2014 was a pivotal turning point for Informatica as our investments in Hadoop and efforts to innovate in big data gathered momentum and became a core part of Informatica’s business. Our Hadoop related big data revenue growth was in the ballpark of leading Hadoop startups – more than doubling over 2013. In 2014, Informatica reached... more

Data Streams, Data Lakes, Data Reservoirs, and Other Large Data Bodies

A Data Lake is a simple concept. They are a catchment area for data entering the organization. In the past, most businesses didn’t need to organize such a data store because almost all data was internal. It traveled via traditional ETL mechanisms from transactional systems to a data warehouse and then was sprayed around the... more

Informatica Brings Enterprise-Wide Governance And Management To Hadoop With Cloudera Integrations

Governance and management of Hadoop clusters in enterprise environments has been a challenge for organizations that want to put data pipelines into production use.  Without proper tools, organizations are forced to rely on their teams to thoroughly document data pipelines and hope that no one will show up to audit their Hadoop data infrastructure.  Without... more