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The CIO Reading List: The Undoing Project

Whenever I spend time with other CIOs, the subject almost invariably turns to a book one of us has read. And I’m gratified that the types of books that come up in these conversations are rarely what you’d call ‘IT books’ or ‘management books’. The CIOs I meet are well-rounded and well-read Renaissance people. They’re... more

Data Lake Management: Poor Architecture Makes “Fishing for Insights” Difficult

It’s tough to fish for insights in a poorly designed Data Lake. When you decide to build a data lake, you first need three things: A strong foundation A design blue print A vision for the final product which end users will consume If done correctly, you end up with a delicious platter of fish. ... more

Transformation Competency: It’s Time to Get Good at It

This is the third of three posts covering the core aspects of the next-generation integration competency center that we’re calling Enterprise Data Competency. In previous posts, we started with integration competency—the basic but increasingly challenging task of making all your data streams play nicely together—and then moved to information competency, which is the ability to... more

An Enterprise Architecture Approach to Digital Transformation

Your company is making the switch from selling products to offering customer-centric services. While facing many challenges due to legacy systems, you are slowly but deliberately updating and simplifying your application landscape. The question is, are you also making the switch from an application-centric approach to a data-centric one? An application-centric architecture is characterized by... more

Building The Case For Your Data Architecture

Building The Case For Your Data Architecture: The First Project There’s no area of business or government that isn’t seeking to achieve better results and greater efficiency through the smart, timely analysis of data. That means that every IT department is now— or soon will be—under pressure to deliver data-fueled insights as well as, if... more

The Holy Grail of EA – Agile Planning

One of the “holy grails” in Enterprise Architecture is to remain flexible and agile in the face of constant change. To do that you need the ability to connect the dots between business strategies and goals, business operations, information, application systems, technologies and network elements.   For example, if the COO asks how the architecture is... more

6 Trends That Will Move the Needle on Analytics

How Will Your Data Management Architecture Cope? If you’re curious about the analytics trends that will most likely to impact enterprise IT in 2016, Information Management’s take is a smart read. There are six trends in total, ranging from data security to Internet of Things, and data science—each of them presents powerful challenges to your... more

Does Business Strategy Change Demand a Change to Enterprise Architecture?

Over the last several years, I have gotten to read several books on business strategy and enterprise architecture. What I found most interesting was just how well Paul Leinwand’s book “The Essential Advantage” fit with Jeanne Ross’s “Enterprise Architecture as Strategy”. Both propose a resources/capabilities based approach to strategy. However, as I was finishing a... more

Part 1: The Economics of IT Service Management

IT Service Management can improve bottom-line profits, manage risks and regulatory compliance, provide a consistent customer experience across products and channels, and enhanced quality of work-life for employees.  This is the first of a two-part article about IT Service Management (ITSM).  In this post I define what ITSM is while part two presents an economic... more