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Big Data: Moving from Technology to Business Value Delivery

Absolutely nobody disputes the potential value of big data. It provides an economic way to ask new analytics questions that we were never able to ask before. And that is possible because we are able to combine new, large, and widely disparate data sets in ways that were never economically possible before. The challenge people are now facing is that it getting harder and harder to show business value.

Are Insurance Companies in Danger of Digital Disruption?

A major analyst firm that will go unnamed thinks so. According their research, digital disruption is one of the most important factors impacting the insurance industry today. Making matters worse this firm’s industry assessment shows that only a small fraction of insurance companies are what it classifies as digitally leaders. If there is good news,... more

Digital Transformation – What does it mean to CSPs?

Digital Transformation has been one of the current buzzwords in many industries for some time but what does it actually mean and what are the implications? Digital could be considered to be anything involving the use of technology.  For example, for years we used to go to our local newsagent and buy the local paper... more

Digital Transformation: Is Your Data Management Ready?

Digital transformation has lowered barriers to entry for businesses in so many ways. Apple was able to sell digital content in a way that disrupted both online and brick-and-mortar businesses. Healthcare is about to be transformed (again) by the use of sensors to capture and analyze data to improve patient outcomes. Both the banking and... more

A Playbook for Digital Disruption: Is Your Company Ready?

Catching the next wave Geoffrey Moore starts his latest book entitled “Zone to Win” by urging companies not to sit still because today this makes them a sitting duck. But he at the very same time, he suggests that leaders at “incumbent enterprises” are not stupid. These companies are making investments in their future. What... more

Should CDOs Drive Corporate Digital Disruption?

While the answer to this question will take time to answer, it is clear now that digital disruption is the reason that Chief Data Officers (CDOs) often get hired in the first place. This is a finding of research recently conducted by Forrester Consulting for Informatica. The research will be released at The Digital Disruption... more

Enterprise Architects: Hear Jeanne Ross Speak at Informatica World’s Data Disruption Summit

I don’t know about you, but when “Enterprise Architecture as Strategy” came out in 2006, I read it from cover to cover. To say that Jeanne Ross’ book is the bible of enterprise architecture may be too strong, but most enterprise architects that I know have the book somewhere on their shelf which is easily... more

Is Disrupt or Be Disrupted the Motto of Winning Businesses?

In today’s business environment, I am seeing more and more enterprises realize there are new rules for an industry they once dominated. Business capabilities can no longer be considered things that once discovered, only need to be perfected. As new businesses look for areas to grow, they are increasingly colliding with storied legacy businesses. This... more