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Who’s on Your Data Team?

In many organizations, there’s no such thing as a dedicated “data team” – these roles tend to be part of the IT departments, or, as is often these days, the marketing or finance teams. Should there be a standalone, distinct data team? There’s a good case to be made for separating data savvy into its... more

Engineering High Performance Data Virtualization with Informatica Data Services

Working on IDS Informatica Data Services (IDS) is a data virtualization software stack built on a new platform that was created from the various shared internals of the venerable PowerCenter. One of the significant reasons for the shift into the new platform (code named ‘Mercury’) was to make it easy to quickly write new ‘plug-in’s... more

Data Is Precious: Secure it Accordingly

Security professionals are in dire need of a solution that provides visibility into where sensitive and confidential data resides, as well as visibility into the data’s risk. [1] This knowledge would allow those responsible to take an effective, proactive approach to combating cybercrime. By focusing on the data, Informatica and our customers, partners and market ecosystem... more

Learn to Put Your Data to Work

Informatica recently released the findings of a survey (entitled “Data is Holding You Back from Analytics Success”) in which respondents revealed that 85% of are effective at putting financial data to use to inform decision making.  However, it also discovered that many are less confident about putting data to use to inform patient engagement initiatives... more

Introducing the Informatica Technology Partner Network

Enabling ISVs to Connect to More Data Data is critical to application growth. Bringing additional data into your application is costly, and time spent on point-to-point integration takes time away from introducing new features. Today, Informatica is releasing the Informatica Technology Partner Network (TPN) – an online developer portal designed to build a connector that... more