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Better Data Management Drives Better Analytics Results

Business success is measured by how fast you can deliver the next business insight that accelerates your organization. That’s true regardless of whether your goals are improved customer churn, better recommendations for sales optimization, or better patient health outcomes. And success depends on the state of the data your analysts have to work with. It’s... more

The Future of Big Data Is Here Today

A joint blog post from Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly and Informatica CEO Anil Chakravarthy Enterprises today have enormous opportunities to harness big data to improve their competitiveness. In this new age of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), information and data in their organizations are coming from a multitude of different sources worldwide. Everything and everyone is connected... more

Predictive Analytics Should Sell Themselves, But May Need an Added Push

Some say predictive analytics almost sell themselves – business leaders would pay anything for the opportunity to see market and customer trends before they become apparent to anyone else. However, as with any technology-intensive initiative, doing predictive analytics right means investment and resources from the business. Ironically, it takes predictive analytics to determine where and... more

Chasing Metadata to Improve Decision Quality

You could say that our lives are ultimately a collection of decisions – small and big, personal and business, short and long term oriented.  They could have the potential of impacting a number of lives, altering the course of an organization’s trajectory, or influencing our individual happiness.  What’s interesting in all of these situations is... more

A True Love Quiz: Is Your Marketing Data Right For You?

Valentine’s Day is such a strange holiday.  It always seems to bring up more questions than answers.  And the internet always seems to have a quiz to find out the answer!  There’s the “Does he have a crush on you too – 10 simple ways to find out” quiz.  There’s the “What special gift should... more

The Super Bowl of Data-Driven Marketing Potential

I absolutely love football, so when the Super Bowl came to our hometown Phoenix, it was my paradise!  Football on every.single.channel.  Current and former NFL players were everywhere – I ate breakfast next to Howie Long and pumped gas next to Tony Romo.  ESPN & NFL Network analysts were commentating from blocks away.  Even our... more

The New Marketing Technology Landscape Is Here… And It’s Music to Our Ears!

How Do You Like It? How Do You Like It? More, More More! Chiefmartec came out with their 2015 Marketing Technology Landscape, and if there’s one word that comes to mind, it’s MORE. 1,876 corporate logos dot the page, up from 947 in 2014. That’s definitely more, more, more – just about double to be... more