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Four Steps to Analytics Governance

In recent years we have seen a real acceleration of customers moving not just their data but their data-related tooling into the cloud. Relying on cloud-native SaaS solutions means the burden of product maintenance is removed from the customer and everything they need is at their fingertips, even when working remotely. This blog will guide... more

Trusted Data Takes Center Stage

This week, Informatica will host its MDM 360 and Data Governance Summit. This annual conference has become a mainstay for the worldwide data governance community—and this year will be no different. We have planned an exciting lineup of internal thought leaders, industry partners, and insightful customer interviews. For the Data Governance part of the Summit,... more

Data Security Survey by Informatica, Scale Ventures and Ponemon

When it comes to sensitive data, what you don’t know will hurt you; and ignorance is not bliss. Informatica, Scale Ventures and Ponemon Institute concluded their survey on data security, titled “Data Breaches and Sensitive Data Risk”. This follows Informatica’s report last year on “The State of Data Intelligence“. The survey reveals considerable anxiety around... more