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B2B Data Exchange 10.0 Further Enhances Self-Service for Partner Ecosystem Collaboration

As organizations around the world increasingly try to leverage their partner networks to create competitive advantage, tools and automation become critical enablers.  To further expand beyond large partners that have the systems to work with complex and regimented standards such as EDI, requires the ability to share data in more flexible ways and formats.  In... more

Power Your Partner Network with Informatica’s Modern B2B Data Exchange

As the size, variety and amount of data being exchanged between companies continues to explode, there is an ever-increasing need for modern solutions that better enable collaboration, speed time to market and create enterprise efficiencies that power competitive advantage. Companies across the globe have an ever greater need for flexible, scalable and extensible infrastructures which... more

Data Mania- Using REST APIs and Native Connectors to Separate Yourself from the SaaS Pack

Written by Vaikom Krishnan With Informatica’s Data Mania on Wednesday, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about REST APIs. In particular, I’ve been considering how and why they’ve become so ubiquitous, especially for SaaS companies. Today they are the prerequisite for any company looking to connect with other ecosystems, accelerate adoption and, ultimately, separate themselves... more