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Two Big Initiatives to Finish 2015 Strong

I love the annual planning process. Does anyone other than me ever say that? I love to outline initiatives that I want to tackle in the year to come. It’s a great time to assess what went well in the current / previous year and brainstorm what you can take on in the year to... more

Avoid These 3 Bad Contact Data Pitfalls

It’s officially that time again – time for politics to take over lunch room conversations and water cooler talk in the US. On August 6th was the first official GOP debate, which has already consumed the news cycles. Before you know it, in the United States, we’ll be heading to polls to once again cast... more

The Four Essential Best Practices to Improve Valuable Customer Relationships

The founder of modern business management, Peter Drucker, observed that leaders rarely say “I.” The best leaders say “we.” It sounds like old news, but there’s a reason this is sage advice. Relationships are the driving force in business. Long-term success in business is dependent on what you know about your customers and suppliers. Your... more

The Easy Way to Marketing Technology Magic – and Better Data Quality

It sounds like the turning point in a dramatic movie or book: With no time, money, or resources, you’re being asked to be the hero. If you’re a marketer, this may describe you. There’s one obvious way that marketers can reduce this stress and get back some of their valuable time, budget, and resources: Marketing... more

Marketers Are Responsible for a Great Customer Experience – Are They Ready?

On Christmas Eve 2014, a customer in New York City ordered a package from Amazon at 10:24 pm and received it at 11:06 pm — just 42 minutes later. This is just one dramatic example of how customer expectations are changing. Your customers want a great experience, tailored to them, that meets or exceeds expectations... more

The Age of Engagement Depends on Great Data

Warren, It’s been a while since we were able to connect. We tried to reach you recently regarding a recall on your 2013 (car make and model removed) that you leased from our dealership. Please confirm your address and phone number and contact us to make an appointment for the recall replacement. Address: 13506 Crestview... more

Four Steps Email Marketers Should Take Before Using Old Customer Data

A crowd of people gathered around a cornerstone of a building in Brooklyn. They could barely contain their excitement that October day in 2014. A time capsule from 1950 was about to be opened, revealing mysterious contents. No one knew what to expect. Historical treasures? Letters from the past? Maybe even gold bars or valuable... more

New Partnership Helps Build Stronger Total Customer and Supplier Relationships

Data is extremely valuable to any B2B organization that puts the customer at the center of everything. Over 60% of B2B marketers use data targeting and segmentation, according to a survey by Salesforce and LinkedIn. The benefits of having real-time actionable insight about a potential partner or customer range from better marketing & sales, reducing... more