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Accelerating Data Management with Artificial Intelligence

Informatica has always been 100% focused on driving the productivity of data management. Now, to take the next step, Informatica is building artificial intelligence into the Intelligent Data Platform as a service that will use enterprise metadata to make the platform more intelligent and productive.

Building the Case for Your Data Architecture: The Art of Securing Executive Sponsorship

In my last post, I discussed how to pick the initial project  to begin transforming your data management architecture. The short version is, “Find a business initiative that has funding, and discuss how better data delivery would improve bottom-line success, and how you’d measure that success.” Sounds straightforward enough, but it comes down to a... more

Building The Case For Your Data Architecture

Building The Case For Your Data Architecture: The First Project There’s no area of business or government that isn’t seeking to achieve better results and greater efficiency through the smart, timely analysis of data. That means that every IT department is now— or soon will be—under pressure to deliver data-fueled insights as well as, if... more

Evolving Your Data Architecture: It Takes More Agility than Tossing Tires in the Air!

Did you know that Discount Tire holds the Guinness world record for ‘longest running TV commercial’?  You have likely gotten new tires at Discount Tire.  They are the largest independent tire dealer in the US. But perhaps you didn’t know that Discount Tire’s TV commercial, featuring a little old lady throwing tires, had aired for... more

Are You Ready to Compete on Analytics?

Decision ready organizations must develop a competence in data management. The past focus on applications has resulted in hard-to-access data silos. New technologies for analytics are causing some organizations to create new data silos in the search for speed for that particular project. If your organization is serious about being a leader in analytics, it is time to put the focus required into leading-edge data management tools and practices to fuel insight delivery.

CES, Digital Strategy and Architecture: Are You Ready?

CES, the International Consumer Electronics show is wrapping up this week and the array of new connected products and technologies was truly impressive. “The Internet of Things” is moving from buzzword to reality.  Some of the major trends seen this week included: Home Hubs from Google, Samsung, and Apple (who did not attend the show... more

Architects: How Will You Stay Relevant?

We are way past the point where the architecture needs to be aligned with business goals and value delivery.  That is necessary but no longer sufficient.  We are now at the point where architecture needs to be central to the creation of an organization’s strategy process.  Not to get hyperbolic, but anything less is risky for your... more