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The Factory of the Future is Fueled by Data

For years, the big data and data analytics revolutions have been associated with offices – the tools and platforms of executives, analysts and knowledge workers. But in the background, big data and data analytics has been gradually building capabilities in another critical part of the enterprise – the factory floor. Data-driven transformation is playing a... more

The 7 Qualities of Inspired Data Analytics Cultures

Many pundits and analysts alike are extolling the virtues of a data analytics-driven culture. An organization illuminated in the glow of data analytics is sure to outpace all competitors, while devising the next wave of cool products and services. But, what, exactly, should a data analytics-driven culture look like? It’s important to be able to... more

5 Ways to Become a Lean, Mean Data Analytics Machine

Having a strong, enterprise-focused data analytics effort means a much greater chance of having above-average growth. Nearly two-thirds of companies with well-established advanced analytics strategies report operating margins and revenues of 15% or more, according to a recent survey published by Forbes Insights and EY. So what makes an organization a well-functioning, data-driven machine? Having... more

Uninterrupted Healthcare Insight Discovery

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) adoption, big data and other technology trends are generating large volumes and varieties of data for analysis. Data is not the limiting factor in transforming the business and practice of healthcare; managing the data is. If healthcare organizations want to use these technologies to create opportunities to differentiate, they must invest... more

Mining the Missing Link in Data Analytics: Human Behavior

The data-driven enterprise is on the rise, and there are highly sophisticated tools and technologies available to make things happen. But there’s still a big question mark around one of the most vital components of the data-driven world: human behavior. It’s unpredictable, quirky, subject to various motivations and un-motivators. The question is, can enterprise executives... more