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Engagement – Recognizing Your Patients’ and Your Members’ Behavior

Across the healthcare industry “engagement” has become a hot topic. Whether pharmaceutical or insurance or a hospital, all are examining ways to have a keener insight into the behavior, preferences and trends of those with whom they are working and across their ecosystem. Much of this discussion centers on keeping close track of preferences in... more

Which Marketing Data Management Solution Should You Choose?

Marketers across industries share a common pain point: marketing data management. Poor marketing data management holds them back from reaching their marketing goals and delivering great omnichannel customer experiences. The result is disjointed customer experiences, a lack of visibility into the end-to-end customer journey, slow action times when new types of data are introduced and... more

Bad Customer Data Will Sabotage Your CRM Initiative

Originally posted on cmswire.com Imagine this: you’ve just completed a difficult migration from several legacy CRM systems to a modern, cloud-based application. You delivered on time and on budget. You’ve trained the marketing, sales and customer service teams to use the new system. By all accounts, the migration should be considered a success. But then... more

Consumer Relevance is The Key to Customer Experience

According to IDC Worldwide Retail Predictions, CIOs will make omni-channel integration technology a top investment priority this year. They will do so to support the omni-channel shopper sales premium of 30%. This investment may be realized by the organization’s Chief Digital or Chief Data Officers, who are focused on the value of business information. Recently, I... more

Answering the Question: Why Did This Customer Buy?

* Original article was posted on cmswire.com CMOs and marketing leaders struggle daily to answer the questions, “Why did this customer buy? What specific events and interactions led to a conversion?” While it’s fairly easy to attribute the last touch to a purchase, that doesn’t give insight into the total buyer journey. Attributing which interactions and events... more

A Quick Win for Marketers on the Road to Achieving a Total Customer Relationship

Data-driven marketers recognize that great customer experiences start with a view across the total customer relationship. They are pushing their organizations towards data-driven strategies, and starting to see results.  They understand that achieving a total customer relationship goes way beyond implementing CRM.  They are advocates for pulling together fragmented customer data from across system silos... more