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Product or Consumer Data Summary: There is no clear winner

Over the past few months I have been speaking to Consumer Goods experts within Informatica’s partner community to get a broader view on the importance of product and consumer data in marketing.  I initially set about this task to get an understanding of what was driving investment decisions in consumer and brand marketing.  I have... more

Product or Consumer Data: Is There a Clear Winner?

After three conversations, two of which with split points, no clear winner is emerging in terms of Consumer Goods (CG) companies prioritizing investment in product or consumer data. In my conversation with Koen Van Bockstaele, Global Lead Sales and Marketing Transformation for CPG at Accenture, instead of diving into a discussion about which set of... more

Product or Consumer Data? It’s All Crucial to the Experience

Over the last couple of weeks I have had very interesting conversations about how Consumer Goods (CG) companies could, and should, be engaging with consumers.   The exchange of ideas and information will enrich my future conversations on this topic as I adjust my perceptions of the world and apply the new information I learn in... more

Product or Consumer: A Strong Vote for Consumer Data?

I am continuing my quest to get a balanced view of where Consumer Goods (CG) companies should invest their (potentially limited) budgets in developing meaningful consumer relationships.  I had a very fruitful discussion with Kees Jacobs from Capgemini.  Kees’ view that a focus on customer data is what should be top of this list was... more