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Lessons from the Field: 4 Ways to Keep Your Cloud Evolution on Track (Part 2)

What to do if business stakeholders derail your plans The biggest challenge of making sure your cloud transition fits into your overall IT architecture? Sticking to the plan. You map out a transition journey that includes new systems, training and orientation, retirement of old systems, maybe some new hires, probably some new vendor relationships. But... more

The Top 3 Essentials to Know on your Journey to Cloud

As companies embrace digital transformation, cloud adoption has visibly taken the front seat on business leaders’ minds. They are realizing that cloud adoption is a key enabler of the digital strategy. Companies are transforming customer engagements, business operations and product innovations touching every aspect of the company’s front and back office. The top drivers for... more

Introducing Informatica Cloud Summer 2016: The Most Complete Cloud Integration Solution for the Hybrid Era

I can’t believe that we’ve reached the half way point of 2016 already, the time has gone by quickly for our Cloud business. We have already had some notable achievements to-date, such as Gartner’s recent report announcing Informatica Cloud as the #1 global Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution provider based on 2015 market... more