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Federal Migration to Cloud Computing, Hindered by Data Issues

As reviewed by Loraine Lawson,  a MeriTalk survey about cloud adoption found that a “In the latest survey of 150 federal executives, nearly one in five say one-quarter of their IT services are fully or partially delivered via the cloud.” For the most part, the shifts are more tactical in nature.  These federal managers are... more

Cloud Integration Issues? Look to the Enterprise Architects

According to an article by Jan Stafford, “When enterprises adopt cloud computing, many of their legacy methods of software integration are instantly obsolete. Hanging on to old integration methods is like trying to fit square pegs into round holes…” It’s true.  Data integration is a whole new game, compared to five years ago, or, in... more

Salesforce Lightning Connect and OData: What You Need to Know

Last month, Salesforce announced that they are democratizing integration through the introduction of Salesforce1 Lightning Connect. This new capability makes it possible to work with data that is stored outside of Salesforce using the same force.com constructs (SOQL, Apex, VisualForce, etc) that are used with Salesforce objects. The important caveat is that that external data... more

Government Cloud Data Integration: Some Helpful Advice

Recently, a study found that the Government Cloud Data Integration has not been extremely effective. This post will provide some helpful advice. As covered in Loraine Lawson’s blog, MeriTalk surveyed federal government IT professionals about their use of cloud computing. As it turns out, “89 percent out of 153 surveyed expressed ‘some apprehension about losing... more

Informatica Cloud Summer ’14 Release Breaks Down Barriers with Unified Data Integration and Application Integration for Real Time and Bulk Patterns

This past week, Informatica Cloud marked an important milestone with the Summer 2014 release of the Informatica Cloud platform. This was the 20th Cloud release, and I am extremely proud of what our team has accomplished. “SDL’s vision is to help our customers use data insights to create meaningful experiences, regardless of where or how... more