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Delivering Trusted Insights from AI: Why You Need Integrated Data and AI Governance

A recent McKinsey survey on the state of AI in 2020 had some interesting insights. First, it confirms what we have been seeing over the last couple of years: specifically, how organizations are increasing their use of AI to both increase revenues and lower costs. In fact, the data from the study goes even further:... more

Why Data Quality Does Not Extend To Everyone, Everywhere Today

Welcome back to part two of my blog series on Data Quality for Everyone, Everywhere—let’s jump straight in. (If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.)  If your organization is like most, you know you have data quality issues everywhere. It’s also very likely that you’re tackling them in an ad hoc way because it’s hard to pinpoint where the problems are... more

Data Quality for Everyone, Everywhere

A series of blogs about the importance and the value of consistent, comprehensive, and pervasive approach to data quality Poor data quality costs businesses millions of dollars every year. Depending on which analyst survey you read, the direct cost of poor data quality is between $9.0 million and $15.0 million per year. The business impact... more