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5 Imperative Ways a Chief Data Officer Drives Business Value

It is widely understood now that data drives business success. Data today is understood as a strategic asset – a critical ingredient for business innovation, and the currency for digital transformation. Data is now increasingly “owned” by business leaders, partnering with IT to realize the greatest value from their data. For many enterprises, this has... more

How IT Leaders Can Drive Analytics Success

The best IT leaders will play a strong and active role in the business strategy process. Their role is not just to “be the implementers,” but to advise the business on technology and data issues, and to ensure that the data architecture will support the business strategy in the near terms and in the future.

The Evolving Chief Data Officer Role: Driving Revenue and Profitability

Somebody at a conference once said to me: “Nobody knows what the role of a Chief Data Officer is, and if they did, they would not take the job!” That was 18 months ago, and even though the definition of the CDO role has clarified a great deal, but the improved role clarity has not reduced the challenge one iota.

Chief Architect & Chief Data Officer at CIT Group Wins Overall Information Technology Leader Award from Ventana Research

Congratulations to BJ Fesq, Chief Architect & Chief Data Officer at CIT Group, who received the 2015 Overall Information Technology Leader Award from Ventana Research. This award recognized BJ for his work to enhance CIT Group’s data management to comply with new regulatory requirements. With their latest acquisition, CIT Group has crossed over the $50B... more

Data Management Has a Place in the Boardroom, thanks to the CDO

“Data management is commanding a place in boardrooms through the Chief Data Officer,” says Poornima Ramaswamy, Associate Vice President, Enterprise Information Management & Analytics Practice from Cognizant. “Executives recognize the big impact of data on business outcomes. Data is getting its own strategy, its own office, and its own mandate.” The two of us discussed... more

Focusing Solely on PIM is Short Sighted Thinking – If Your Customer is at Your Heart

Who remembers the closing scene in the James Bond movie with Pierce Brosnan? Elektra: I could have given you the world, James. Bond: The world is not enough. How does James Bond fit into the world of data? Focusing Solely on product information is short sighted thinking, if your customer is at your heart. Have you... more

New Paradigm in the Digital Workplace – Data changes from Ownership to Access

Data changes from ownership to access, this is a new paradigm is happening in the digital workplace. Last years with the growth of omnichannel, the growing devices along the customer journey I talked a lot about the information overload for customers. Studies have shown that your typical social media user consumes 285 pieces of content daily, which... more