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JLL: Data-Driven Business Transformation

JLL now has an array of services that nobody else in the industry can offer, going way beyond traditional real estate services. Not only does this make JLL the best, most complete solution in the eyes of its clients, it also changes the relationship entirely. Clients no longer see JLL as “just” a commercial real estate broker—the company is a strategic partner that can help with new initiatives, ongoing management and strategy around a company's commercial real estate assets.

Transforming the Organization by Integrating Everyone

Some time ago I was actively involved with the Integration Consortium, a non-profit organization promoting best practices for data and systems integration. One of my duties was to organize conferences and I had the good fortune to secure Jim Rager[1], Ex-Vice Chairman of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) as the speaker for one of them.... more

Data is Like Gravity

In High School physics class we learned that all the forces in the universe are based on four fundamental interactions; the strong and weak nuclear forces, the electromagnetic force and the gravitational force. Gravity is unique compared to the other forces in that a) it interacts with ALL particles, and b) its power is cumulative... more

The Holy Grail of EA – Agile Planning

One of the “holy grails” in Enterprise Architecture is to remain flexible and agile in the face of constant change. To do that you need the ability to connect the dots between business strategies and goals, business operations, information, application systems, technologies and network elements.   For example, if the COO asks how the architecture is... more

The Business Value of (Effective) Architecture

If your company has an annual capital budget of $100M for various project initiatives, then an effective Enterprise Architecture capability will generate $72.7M in additional annual business benefits in comparison to the normal (average) chaotic planning process that a typical organization realizes. Now that I have your attention, hear me out. There is some solid... more

Research Supports the Need for Business Transformation

I first wrote about the Informatica acquisition of Proact and the BOSTTM Toolkit in Connecting Architecture To Business Strategy last December. Now, a few of my favorite authors, Peter Weill and Jeanne Ross from MIT Sloan CISR, just published a research brief which provides solid arguments for organizations to constantly transform themselves. The timing couldn’t... more

Next Generation Planning for Agile Business Transformation

This is an age of technology disruption and digitization. Winners will be those organizations that can adapt quickly and drive business transformation on an ongoing basis. When I first met John Schmidt Vice President of Global Integration Services at Informatica, he asked me to visualize Business Transformation as “A modern tool like the internet and... more

How a Business-led Approach Displaces an IT-led Project

In my previous blog, I talked about how a business-led approach can displace technology-led projects. Historically IT-led projects have invested significant capital while returning minimal business value. It further talks about how transformation roadmap execution is sustainable because the business is driving the effort where initiative investments are directly traceable to priority business goals. For... more

Business-Led Transformation Is Value-Centric

Transformation roadmaps in many businesses tend to have a heavy technology focus, to the point where organizations invest millions of dollars in initiatives with no clear business value. In addition, numerous tactical projects funded each year have little understanding of how or even if, they align from a business perspective. Management often fall victim to... more