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Time for a Broadbandectomy?

One day.  That’s all I want from my broadband provider.  One day of continuous, uninterrupted broadband service with a consistent speed.  Is that too much to ask?  I know VoIP is not the most stable service in the world but lately I’m finding my mobile is my most reliable device for voice calls.  Streaming catch-up... more

Big Data is Adding a New Dimension to Customer Relationships

Customer data has just started to explode in all major line of business. Talk about Insurance Companies or Airlines, it is adding terabytes of data each passing day. Challenge has become to maintain it rather than taking the advantage out of it. Generally, there are many 3rd party and non-traditional sources feeding the data to... more

Big Data Utopia or Reality: Adding a New Dimension and Reducing Complexity at Once? 

Big Data Utopia or Reality: Adding a new dimension and reducing complexity at once?  Are you tired of the Big Data Buzz? Big data can still be a big mess, but also a big opportunity for marketing efficiency, for customer service, and for risk prevention. I had the pleasure presenting to all GOSI (Global Outsourcing and System... more

The New Age of Relationships – Connecting the Dots between People, Places, Things

At Informatica World 2015, we talked about the new age of relationships and connecting the dots between people, places and things. Let me add some more examples of how relationships and relationships between data have changed the world. Did it all start with Facebook? Facebook Data Science examined Facebook accounts of people in relationships from around... more