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B2B Forecast – Cloudy with Disruptions Ahead

B2B Integration Trigger Warning? There are several reasons why a B2B integration update may soon be triggered in your company-- Your business may be struggling to find more ways to meet the needs of increasingly demanding business executives, customers, and trading partners. You may be looking to find more efficiency wherever possible. You could be quickly facing requests from the business for changes to your B2B processes which are mandated by a slew of new 2017 regulations. Or perhaps you need to increase the reliability of your business-to-business interactions by maintaining up-to-date, synchronized data between different systems which creates better and more agile business decisions based on the most current data - a common them among many clients.

Our B2B Relationship Status??? Well… It’s Complicated

Smooth relationships between an organization and its Trading and Supply Chain Partners are critical to any organization’s success and ability to do business. These days, however, the relationship between an organization and its partners seems to be getting more complicated—especially when it comes to B2B integration. Informatica has long championed diverse B2B standards and is putting its R&D money into developing B2B cloud solutions. Informatica B2B Cloud Gateway will also be included as an integral part of the next Informatica Cloud Release, R26 that enables Informatica Cloud Services customers to easily extend B2B integration to external business partners.