Elevate Your Technical Skills in Denver with Informatica Presales

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Elevate event in Copenhagen, Denmark. A great event, in a great city…a perfect combination. As a Sr. Director of presales in North America for Informatica, I wanted to provide my perspective…and, in turn, hopefully provide some additional clarity on what you can expect at Elevate in Denver.

High Energy Technical Enablement

First and foremost, in my many years at Informatica I have never seen an event that was so fully-focused on the technical skill sets needed to prepare presales and implementation consultants. Sure, Informatica offers one-off product training, implementation workshops and new release enablement, but Elevate is a full-fledged corporate event—branding and all—focused on technical enablement across many products.  Yes, there is a sales track and executive private meetings, but in the perspective of a presales professional, it felt very personal and a major investment for Informatica.  It was impressive, to say the least.

Over the course of the four days, I attended two General Session Keynotes, a Product Roadmap technical session, and bounced around the six classes in the Presales Track.  I was unable to sit in on any of the success workshops in the Implementation Track, but I did speak to several of the instructors and the teams assisting them. The energy was high throughout and the collaboration between Sales Consultants, Product Specialists, and Partners was truly inspiring. I will not go into detail on the content of the General Sessions and Roadmap discussion (I don’t want to spoil it for everyone ☺), but I will provide my thoughts on the Presales Track to give you a feel for what is in store should you attend.

Get Your Hands Dirty!

The Presales Track classes were a great mix of presentation and hands-on labs with a majority of the time spent on the latter.  In general, the flow went something like this:

…overview of the product/solution

…discussion on why it is important for customers

…demo by the instructors

…hand-on labs (bring your laptop)

…Rinse and repeat for various topics within the class over an eight-hour block

The labs were very well-thought-out and thorough to enable from the ground up…not too many assumptions that you already know the product and what it can do. I particularly thought this was very important as it catered to all participant experience levels. It built a great baseline of knowledge for everyone. I firmly believe that the instructors hit the mark and this level of enablement will definitely increase your ability to position and demo Informatica products across the entire presales roles and ranks.

Need to Prepare a Proof of Concept? Sign-up for the Implementation Track

While I mentioned that I did not attend any of the success workshops in the Implementation Track, the feedback I received is that these were also very well put together and managed…a good combination of deep product instruction and “why does it matter” discussion. The workshops were mostly attended by partners who waned to POC-ready.

There you have it. I can’t stress enough the importance I see this event being for collaborating with Informatica and partners. I am very excited to have the entire North America presales team under one roof learning together with the partners…pretty cool.

Denver Technical Tracks Details

Location: The Westin Westminster near Denver, Colorado
Dates: Monday, August 20 – Thursday, August 23, 2018

Presales Fee: $875 (promotions available – see website for more info)
Presales Classes Offered: Chose two eight hour classes

  • Big Data, Fast Data: Supporting Data Lakes, Streaming Analytics, and IoT
  • You Can’t Use Data You Can’t Find: Data Cataloging and Preparation for Databases and Data Lakes
  • Ensure Customers Can Trust Their Data! Fuel Business Initiatives and GDPR Compliance with Intelligent Data Governance
  • Customer 360: Customer Profile & Graph Relationships
  • Enterprise Security Intelligence: Identifying and Protecting Sensitive Information
  • Multi-Cloud/Hybrid Is the New Normal: iPaaS for the Integration Expert and the Citizen Integrator

Implementation Track Fee: $1250
Implementation Success Workshops Offerred:

  • Enterprise Data Catalog and Enterprise Data Lake
  • Enterprise Data Catalog and Axon™ Data Governance
  • Master Data Management Hub
  • Big Data Management Implementation Workshop

Click here to learn more and register for Elevate in Denver.

Hope to see you at the Westin in Denver!

– Chris Derner