Drive Better, Faster Data-Driven Digital Transformation with Informatica Intelligent Data Platform 10.2

Every company dreams of leading a charge that sets them apart; as trendsetters, thought leaders, and risk takers. We call it disruption. Those that pull it off rise like heroes to the top of their industry and make it look easy, but we all know they didn’t move from ordinary to disrupters in a vacuum. It required a team of internal and external forward-thinkers to drive the momentum and calm the nerves.

In this era, where there’s constant speculation and positioning for growth in the face of trends, our channel partners have a unique opportunity to be strong influencers. Welcome to Informatica Intelligent Data Platform 10.2™ , the industry’s only intelligent data platform.

Powered by CLAIRE™, our CLoud-scale, AI-powered, Real-time Engine, 10.2 is all about re-imagining data management and bringing new opportunities to increase revenue while feeding disruption-hungry customers. Read on to learn three key areas of change and critical conversation points your prospects and customers want to know:

Data Governance, Compliance and Cataloging

Now, for the first time, IT and business stakeholders are on the same page for data management across the enterprise. This collaborative approach to data governance brings together processes, people, leadership, systems and culture. In 10.2, we provide an out-of-the-box, end-to-end intelligent data governance solution using modular and integrated components of the Intelligent Data Platform, including Informatica Axon™, Informatica Enterprise Information Catalog, Informatica Data Quality and Informatica Secure@Source®. Also, in 10.2, the Informatica Axon integration with Informatica Enterprise Information Catalog and Informatica Data Quality enables customers to leverage business, technical, operational, and usage metadata to gain a complete data view for data governance and compliance.

Data cataloging is another important conversation addressed by 10.2. Think of it as the Hubble Telescope of data. In the past, there was a limited view of space; we thought the Milky Way was the extent of it, but thanks to the Hubble Telescope, we know there are at least 100 billion galaxies in the universe. In the same way, our data cataloging capabilities reveal insights that were once undiscoverable. Customers can now see their entire data universe – such as the structured data in the dark corners of their organization. This by itself is powerful, but with 10.2, the possibilities are even more compelling. We’ve introduced an AI-driven enterprise data catalog that detects entities within unstructured data, such as weblogs, call center logs, and social media data, uncovering highly-complex relationships within data that were once inconceivable.

These improvements in data governance, compliance, and cataloging are competitive differentiators. In fact, we’re positioned in the Gartner Magic Quadrant as highest for “Ability to Execute” and farthest for “Completeness of Vision” for Metadata Management Solutions.

Big Data Management and Hybrid Data Management

Acceleration of data-driven transformation helps your customers stay ahead of the competition. With 10.2, they obtain faster insights through quick integration, cleansing, and visualization of all their data – simultaneously. Advanced data transformations, pre-built data quality rules, and AI-driven advanced data preparation free up time for users for analyzing data instead of preparing it.

What’s more, customers in a variety of industries are investing in Informatica’s data platform for our next-generation streaming and changed data capture (CDC) with complex data processing at scale. Today’s automakers are a prime example. They put sensors in new cars and collect data to understand how their vehicles operate, how drivers use them, and where improvements can be made. With our data platform, real-time sensor data streams can be married with structured data to inform decisions and actions. Imagine a driver whose brakes are failing; sensored data about the breakdown is matched with a driver’s structured data. When the anomaly is detected, an appointment is set with a nearby service center, and an Uber arrives to transport the driver to work. 10.2 makes all of this possible.

Hybrid data management is another conversation point to consider. There’s a whole new set of vendors, mostly in the cloud, that your customers are migrating to as part of their data management journey – and the complexity is mind-boggling. One of the things we do really well is simplification of data management across analytics, applications, databases, compute or storage platforms whether on-premises or in the cloud. With Intelligent Data Platform 10.2, customers gain faster hybrid and multi-cloud data management deployments, leading to greater ROI and decreased risk when moving to the cloud.

Data Security and GDPR Compliance

When engaging in conversations around GDPR compliance, it’s crucial to understand that 10.2 protects structured and unstructured data (Office, PDF, text, XML, CSV and JSON) – whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud. Our solutions detect and protect critical data across the enterprise and offer data discovery, classification, user behavior analytics, risk scoring and automated protection.

What’s Next?

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