Unleashing Brand Advertising

Get Ready. We’re Painting the Town Orange!

A significant part of Informatica’s Transformation is increasing awareness and changing perceptions of the new Informatica brand. Many of you experienced our brand “unveil” in May where Informatica prominently advertised through high impact billboards, wallscapes, street furniture, wrapped city buses, and targeted online ads in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Marketing team has been relentless in delivering against our commitment to change perceptions of Informatica in the marketplace.  To that end I’m pleased to share our brand media plans for the second half of the year.

As part of Informatica’s media strategy to concentrate, saturate and surround specific markets, we’ve identified especially disruptive locations in the US and EMEA and have created advertising campaigns with high impact stopping power.

Focused Markets in the U.S. and EMEA

Media is and will soon be running in six U.S. markets (New York, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Atlanta), and three EMEA markets (Frankfurt, London, and Paris). This advertising campaign will continue through the end of November in the U.S. and early December in EMEA.

The locations where Informatica is seen by customers are an essential part of our brand story and why we’ve carefully selected locations to disrupt intelligently. We will once again be running our wrapped buses and billboards in the San Francisco Bay Area and are also present in a combination of high-traffic commuter arteries, airports and pedestrian areas such as the Lincoln Tunnel and Wall Street in NY,  Downtown Dallas, and the Capital One Arena in Washington D.C. as part of our rolling launch. Additionally, we are adding a unique approach to our disruptive media mix to include guerrilla marketing wall projections and brand-wrapped cars.

In EMEA, the Informatica brand will also be featured in similarly high-traffic locations in Frankfurt, London, and Paris along with targeted online ads and geo-fencing to leverage our presence alongside Informatica World Tours and industry events.

Buzz about it on Social Media

If you happen to spot one of our bright orange signs, why not snap a selfie and tweet it to @infapartners?  We’ll be on the look out for your shinny faces.