Meet Your Cloud Ecosystem Entourage

At Informatica, we have a saying… “we’re the Switzerland of data.” When it comes to cloud computing services and analytic tools we’re completely agnostic. While our sweet spot is in powering data management initiatives by delivering connected, trusted, and meaningful cloud, on-premises and big data sources, we partner extremely well with major cloud and industry analytic platforms.

To give our customers the flexibility they need and to ensure their IT infrastructure withstands the test of time, we’ve invested in a collection of top cloud partners, that complement our core strengths. Anchored by Amazon Web Services, Cloudera, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and Tableau, we’ve coined our network the “Cloud Ecosystem Entourage.”

Of course, we realize the role our partners play is crucial, especially our system integrators. And we’re excited about the opportunities that will surface, working with our entourage players, as we transform our customer’s businesses through the power of data.

Meet the Entourage

Entourage at Elevate 2017. Left to right: Rodney Foreman, Greg Hanson, Michael Achtelik, Patricio Purpura (Tableau), Jon Milelli, Ofer Ashkenazi(Microsoft), Michael Kohs(Cloudera), Thorston Luedecke(Google), Steve Murphy

The members of our entourage each have a unique value prop and a variety of strengths. Today, I’ll introduce you to each player and explain how we work with them.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Millions of organizations across the world depend on AWS for its compute power, database storage and content delivery. Together with AWS, we’re embarking on a journey empowering data management initiatives, such as data warehouse modernization, advanced analytics through data lake deployment, and database migration of on-premises SQL databases to AWS. Add to this, almost the entire Informatica portfolio is certified on AWS, and already available on the AWS Marketplace.

For more information about powering your customers’ journey to cloud with AWS, explore our Informatica and AWS web pages.


Many organizations are striving to gain a solid understanding of customer behavior, needs and preferences. To do so, they’re collecting structured and unstructured data from the IoT, mobile devices, social media and other data sources. Cloudera steps in by helping them store, process and analyze this vast amount of data. The part we play is in seamless integration with the Cloudera Infrastructure, which enables data-fueled applications to be built on top of their platform. Likewise, when discussing use cases around Hadoop, data lakes, advanced analytics and data warehouse offloading, consider Cloudera as a part of joint solution.

For more information about opportunities available with Cloudera, explore the Cloudera Partners page.

Google Cloud

For the last 16 years, Google has been building the fastest, most powerful cloud infrastructure. In fact, the number of customers using the Google Cloud platform has reached into the billions. Google Cloud offers integrated data and analytics, fully managed Hadoop and Spark, Google BigQuery (serverless, no-operations data warehouse) and cloud machine learning. And together, with Google Cloud as part of our Entourage, we’re able to offer the fastest way to deliver, manage and synchronize connected, trusted data from cloud, on-premises and big data sources into the Google Cloud Platform.

For more information about powering your customers’ journey to cloud with Google, explore our Informatica and Google web pages.


Over 90% of Fortune 500s are already on Microsoft Azure, including 1.5 million SQL databases that have already been migrated to or developed on Azure. This means your customers are already utilizing it, which exposes a huge untapped market for you, our partners. Customers with workloads in Azure realize that analytic optimizations and other data management initiatives are critical success factors. To bridge the gap between data and business insights, together with our partners, we can rapidly integrate and manage data from any cloud or on-premises source into Microsoft Azure, the Cortana Intelligence Suite or Microsoft Business Applications. And remember, system integrator involvement is key in creating joint solutions with Microsoft, and we invite our SIs to work closely with us to ensure our mutual success.

For more information about powering your customers’ journey to cloud with Microsoft, explore our Informatica and Microsoft web pages.


Salesforce now has 8 separate “Clouds” – from Sales Cloud to Marketing and Service Cloud to others, which serve their ever-growing market – all of which need integration and data management services. What’s more, 81 percent of the Fortune 500 and thousands of Informatica customers are utilizing Salesforce CRM and related Salesforce Cloud applications. With this momentum, there’s several lucrative opportunities for partners including self-service analytics, SaaS Data Management, and data connectivity to (and across) the Salesforce clouds and the rest of their enterprise systems.

For more information about helping customers realize the potential of their Salesforce investment, explore our Informatica and Salesforce web pages.


As Line of Business users increasingly demand self-service analytics, IT remains concerned with data governance, data quality and appropriate data sharing. To address both functions, our data management products and Tableau go hand-in-hand. Informatica provides solutions that enable Tableau users to build a robust data foundation across cloud, on-premises and hybrid environments to feed the on-demand analytics user community.

For more information about Informatica with Tableau, explore our Informatica and Tableau web pages.


The Role Partners Play

A customer came to us who was driving a cloud-first strategy – and looking to utilize Microsoft Azure. Their goal was to connect legacy on premises applications to the Cloud, specifically for reporting and dashboarding. At the same time, they wanted to minimize their dependency on legacy systems. To meet regulatory requirements, real-time reporting was a must. To achieve this, they looked to us to help them load IoT, sensor and other data into an Azure data warehouse and data lake while offloading their costly on-premises infrastructure. Together with our expert system integrator, we achieved incredible success with this customer – meeting all migration, data management and regulatory requirements.

The strategic relationships our SI established with the customer, coupled with their knowledge and influence, were vital to realizing the desired business outcomes. We’re excited about what of partners bring to the table and we encourage you to work together with us and our Cloud Ecosystem Entourage.

Next Steps

In the future, keep an eye out for deep dives into the many ways you can take advantage of each of these exceptional partner relationships. And, for more information about working with our Cloud Ecosystem Entourage, refer to the following great resources:

  • Learn more by visiting the Partner Activity and Resource Center (PARC) to access training, sales enablement tools and marketing assets.
  • Ensure your Cloud certifications are up-to-date.
  • Contact your Partner Sales Manager with specific questions.