Top Five Signs Your Customers Should Dive Into Intelligent Data Lakes

In lake ecosystems many things work together harmoniously – vegetation, different types of fish, oxygen and so forth. It’s what makes fishing fun! Add to that, incoming rivers introducing an assortment of plant and aquatic species and every lake experience is unique. Data Lakes conjure up a similar picture – a cleansed, fluid, body of water filled with structured and unstructured data flowing in from streams and tributaries, such as IoT, mobile devices, and cloud services. It’s the perfect environment for dropping a line and discovering insights that were previously out of reach.

Why should our channel partners care about big data and data lakes? Market research firm IDC forecasts a 50% increase in revenues from the sale of big data and business analytics software, hardware, and services between 2015 and 2019 – with services accounting for the biggest chunk of that revenue.[2] And by 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet.[1] That’s a lot of fish in the sea! The best time to navigate these new waters is now, while fresh revenue streams for consulting and other services are ripe for the taking.

As you engage with organizations to help turn their data into trusted information assets, you’ll begin to recognize when they’re ready to dive into the cleaner, fresher waters of Informatica Intelligent Data Lakes. Read on to get a head start on understanding the top five signs.

1. They’re Thirsty for Consistent Delivery of Data and Re-usable Workflows

Challenges around consistent delivery of data usually surface when talking with customers about data analysis and management. Ned, an SVP of Enterprise Data Management, said it well; “we need to transform from a labor intensive, qualitative approach to a systematic one.” As an example, analysts often repeat the same data preparation activities over and over due to the lack of a systematic approach – even when utilizing automation and self-service tools. With Informatica Intelligent Data Lake, customers can record data preparation steps and quickly play them back inside automated processes. This essentially transforms data preparation from a manual process to a re-usable, sustainable and operationalized machine.

2. Customers are Drowning in Fragmented Data

Roger Nolan made a great point in an earlier Informatica blog. He stated, “customers grow increasingly interested in using analytics as a competitive weapon in a disrupt-or-be-disrupted marketplace. But for all the fancy tools they can invest in, their analytics will only be as good as the data behind it.” In essence, when data is locked up in fragmented silos, discovering relationships that matter through data is virtually impossible. Breaking down those barriers through the centralized repositories that Intelligent Data Lake solutions offer help customers unleash the power of their data.

3. Their Data is Stale, Untrusted and Downright Fishy

Antiquated approaches that require heavy lifting such as hand-coding and code generators leave data in an inconsistent, incomplete and stale state – making it unusable for analytics. Barbara, a Chief Data Governance Officer had these concerns and she’s not alone. When customer account and contact data is stale and untrusted, it introduces headaches such as poor customer experience and untrusted insights. With Intelligent Data Lake solutions, cleansing, mastering, governing and securing all types of disparate data solves for this lack of confidence.

4. The Wait Times for Data Analysis is Unacceptable

It’s important for customers to have trust in data integrity and accuracy, but timeliness is also vital for turning it into valuable insights. One of the biggest issues I hear from customers is around prepping and cleaning data – with some claiming it can take over 2-3 weeks! Good news, collaborative self-service big data discovery and preparation through intelligent Data Lake solutions solve timeliness issues. Wizards, “Excel-like” preparation tools, and pre-built mapping templates make it possible for business analysts to quickly build intelligent dashboards instead of spending hours or even weeks on data preparation and cleansing tasks.

5. Data Services Don’t Have an Authoritative Set of Data Assets

An authoritative set of critical business data that flows through IT systems is the holy grail for many organizations. Data lakes store large amounts of raw, structured and unstructured data in one repository from a variety of sources. Because of this, they can essentially hold that one “single source of truth” most organizations yearn for. But, of course, measures must be taken to properly secure, govern, and catalog data lakes to avoid “data swamps.”

What’s Next

Today’s data explosion could leave channel partners scratching their heads on how to help customers intelligently and cost-effectively manage and demonstrate the value of data. As you navigate these new waters, we’ve got your back. Working with us, you have access to all Informatica has to offer – 100% focused on all things data – including Informatica Intelligent Data Lake Management.

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