Making Waves: Our Partner Marketing Vision

As today’s digital marketing landscape continues to transform, Informatica and our channel partners aren’t just riding the waves; we’re creating them. Buyer behaviors and data-driven digital technologies have radically changed the way we reach prospects. Today, it’s all about engaging the right buyers at the perfect time. In my meetings and conversations with marketing leaders, you’re asking for our help in transforming your marketing.  To ensure you stay ahead, we’ve built an industry-leading partner marketing organization with forward-thinking tools, sleek processes and effective programs to support the modern buyer’s journey. What’s more, as your customers continue to face their own digital transformation, with our support, you’re perfectly poised to keep up with their demands and expectations.

Read on to learn about the cutting-edge enablement tools now available to drive leads and sales pipeline, as well as funding options for your marketing programs. Plus, I’ll give you a sneak peek into exciting new processes and programs rolling out in the next few months.

The Modern Buyer’s Journey

In today’s customer journey, buyers complete over half of purchasing decisions [1] before reaching out to sales reps. On top of this, with today’s mix of communication channels – social, blogs, the web and more – the road to purchase is full of twists and turns with buyers self-educating through a variety of resources. Along these lines, as competition is fierce, it’s essential to stay top of mind with prospects and customers through constant communication. In fact, it takes at least 7 touches through multiple channels to deliver a qualified sales lead. [2] Moreover, with the deluge of data from mobile, web and the IoT, marketers have a playground of data-driven insight that before was inconceivable. This evolution has left those who rely on outdated outbound marketing techniques, such as cold calling and shotgun email blasts, behind.

Get on the Marketing Fast Track

We know that dedicating time and resources to create and execute modern marketing programs that support today’s customer journey can be challenging, and that’s why we equip you with resources to simplify and expedite the process. Take advantage of our platforms, campaigns and programs for Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Governance, Hybrid Cloud, MDM, Data Lakes and Data Security. Multi-touch email programs, 18+ customizable web pages, collateral, social media syndication and prospecting list programs are available today in the Partner Activity and Resource Center (PARC).

The Newest Tool to Stay Ahead – Prospecting Kits

Our new Prospecting Kits lay out multi-touch campaigns centered around our key solutions. They include email programs with up to 15 touches, call scripts and social media content, as well as a variety of high-value marketing assets to reinforce key messages. These kits are all designed to educate prospects and to encourage them to take action. They also set the stage for your sales reps; as they start to build relationships with prospects, they already know and trust Informatica.

What’s Coming

We’re continuing to make waves with new programs coming down the pike. Expansive, fully-managed marketing activities will be available in early Q1 2018. Here are some of the programs we’re exploring

  • Account-Based Marketing Services: Assistance for monitoring and marketing to decision makers who are conducting research based on target titles within specific office locations.
  • Paid Social Campaigns: Graphics and social posts for a paid social media campaign via partners’ Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.
  • Content-Based Lead Generation: High-value content to drive lead generation.
  • Google AdWords: Co-branded landing pages, Google AdWords copy and suggested keywords.
  • Retargeting: Advertising targeted to prospects based on previous Internet actions.
  • Telemarketing: Assistance with converting sales-qualified leads, generating BANT-qualified leads, appointment setting and data cleansing.
  • Writing Assistance: Lists of approved writers for custom content creation.

Take Advantage of Funding, Resources and Custom Programs

We know that marketing is not one-size-fits-all. We offer a variety of solutions and will discuss custom marketing campaigns for your specific needs. If you wish to customize and create your own campaign, our Partner Marketing and Field Marketing Leads are available to start a strategic marketing conversation with you. Market Development Funds (MDF) are also available to authorized resellers in every country and every region for pre-approved campaigns or proposal-based programs that you’ve developed.

How to Get Engaged

Please take advantage of our growing resources:

  • Get the latest news by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Take advantage of our partner newsletter and webcasts.
  • Seek training on our modern marketing techniques.
  • Contact your Partner Marketing Lead or Partner Sales Manager to learn about custom marketing plans and Market Development Funds (MDF).
  • Leverage our Partner Demand Gen Central programs in PARC.

We know how important marketing is for your business and we’re here to help. It’s a fascinating time to be in marketing and an even better time to be an Informatica partner.  I look forward to hearing your feedback on our marketing tools and programs.


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[2] DMA, Why It Takes 7 to 13+ Touches to Deliver a Qualified Sales Lead (Part 6: Case Study),