Unleash Your Data Goldmine Through Commercial Use

Commercial Use LicensesIn today’s technological landscape, data is the crown jewel, fueling intelligent disruption everywhere. But, many companies hold back and restrain their use of data. They don’t yet grasp the  massive opportunity to monetize data in ways that never existed before. Wired Magazine previously said Data in the 21st Century is like Oil in the 18th Century, and for those who see data’s fundamental value and learn to extract and use it, there will be big rewards. But they were slightly off – data is in fact much more valuable than oil. Unlike oil, data is reusable and constantly regenerated and refreshed – and even improved – with the right governance.

Businesses that haven’t invested in their data are missing an extraordinary opportunity to monetize one of their most valuable assets. For example, every day progressive, data-driven companies use their customer information to make better decisions. This business information empowers them to intelligently target and personalize experiences, identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and enhance customer support. On top of this, they gain deeper insights by combining their internal data with external market data. As their data set flourishes through a variety of processes, interactions and sources that make up their unique business, opportunities surface to package and sell hosted analytics and other solutions with the goal of helping their customers make informed decisions through prescriptive and predictive analytics.

We offer answers for these partners, software vendors, consultants and MSPs that wish to capitalize on their data goldmines by exposing their data externally through Commercial Use.

Commercial Use, Explained

Commercial Use license models are available for organizations who wish to leverage Informatica products as part of an outward-facing hosted product, platform, application or service that delivers value to end customers or partners (outside of internal use).

For example,

  • Software as a Service (SaaS): Cloud Applications that leverage our solutions to drive outward value for your end users.
  • Data as a Service (DaaS): Know your customers and know how to reach them – validate their addresses, email addresses and phone numbers worldwide. (something like that)

The Commercial Use world is exciting. Customers and partners drive intelligent disruption through an assortment of innovative solutions, such as the remarkable sample use cases summarized below:

  • IoT Platforms: Applications that monitor driving habits to lower costs for the auto insurance industry by evaluating risk levels.
  • Heavy Equipment Manufacturers: Systems that monitor aircraft for proactive maintenance and performance.
  • Marketing: Multi-channel behavioral marketing platforms to personalize individual customer interactions based on online and offline purchase behavior.
  • Life Sciences: Productivity apps for Pharmaceutical sales reps to improve efficiency and performance.
  • SIs and Consulting: Managed services for their clients (e.g. analytics, data migration, iPaaS, anti-money laundering, risk analysis, tax and audit, eDiscovery and electronic forensics).
  • Financial Services: Financial Services applications for loan management, trading management and e-billing.

If You’re Not First, You’re Last

Accelerating time to market is a strategic goal of those who wish to monetize their data through commercial use offerings – and for good reason. Regrettably, many of our customers start with home-grown data management platforms and discover that the time and cost to build and maintain is monumental. A significant, but unfortunate lesson is that staying current with the latest technologies is futile and delays progress.

At Informatica we realize the commercial use challenges you face. In fact, here are some examples of how, with our products, we work together to remove barriers while reducing time to market and total cost of ownership.

  • Data Onboarding

Informatica cloud connectors and cloud integration services help with business data integration to onboard data from your end users, and feed and facilitate customer offerings. Our customers can significantly reduce time to market with these out-of-the-box solutions, which offer rapid access to critical business information.

  • Data Quality

Analytics and data usage are only as good as the data itself.  Therefore, cleansed and mastered data is crucial for the output of commercial use applications. One of the biggest strengths that Informatica brings to the table is the ability to cleanse data, standardize and enrich it to meet the highest quality criteria to be fundamentally utilized as part of a commercial offering.

  • Future Proofing

The software world moves at light speed; with constant changes in applications, services, connectors, versions, formats, and specifications. “Future-proofed” applications stand the test of time. We make extending software with new features and functions painless and ensure that commercial use offerings keep up with ever-changing technology platforms and delivery mechanisms.

  • Maintenance and Support

We invest hundreds of millions of dollars and utilize the experience of thousands of developers and service professionals to build, support and extend Informatica data management solutions. What’s more, we deliver first-rate support through our knowledge base, training, discussions and more.

The lesson – don’t build, buy; we encourage you to take advantage of our proven, industry-leading enterprise-class solutions, which lets you focus attention on your intellectual property, and competitive differentiators, which is the core of your business.

Our Holistic, End-to-End Approach

Informatica leads all aspects of Enterprise Cloud Data Management to deliver data-driven digital transformation outcomes. Our holistic approach offers all the essential capabilities within a single company; rather than requiring customers to cobble together incompatible solutions from a variety of vendors – which can quickly deplete budgets and prolong time to market.

Our platform approach meets our customers’ short-term needs and long-term growth requirements, which sets us apart from every other player in the space. Typically, prospects that engage with us have a challenge in one specific area in data management – and once they address it, additional components of our platform satisfy, unrealized ongoing needs.

Flexible Licensing and Pricing Models

We understand that your commercially available applications and services use has a variety of different business models. We’re happy to work with you to construct a mutually-viable pricing model to address your unique requirements.

Next Steps

I hope this information sparks new strategies for driving revenue through data. Please reach out to us at CommercialUse@informatica.com to learn more about Commercial Use. We’re happy to answer any inquiries.