Take 15 Steps South at the Internship

Take risks, find your passion.  With graduations happening across the country, this is the season of pithy advice giving. I was thinking about this as I watched our new batch of interns complete a scavenger hunt last week. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was given a life map with a set of instructions guaranteed... more

To Sink or Swim in your Data Lake

Everyone I spoke to at the Informatica World 2015 last month wants to build a Data Lake, but are afraid that the Lake will end up as a Swamp. Based on where we are heading, I don’t think using words like Lakes, Swamps, Reservoirs, or names of other large data bodies is going to work... more

Data Security Survey – The Sequel: More is Less

Informatica and Ponemon Institute concluded their second annual survey on data centric security, titled “The State of Data Security Intelligence.” This follows last year’s report on “The State of Data Centric Security.” The survey results yield no surprises as they mirror the never-ending data breach headlines:  Organization’s perceive more risk as they have less confidence... more

Healthcare Powered by the Cloud?

It’s true.  Cloud technology is transforming the way companies do business and is the preferred choice for enterprises large and small, from financial services to government when it comes to adopting enterprise software going forward. This is also true in today’s Healthcare industry. According to a 2014 HIMSS Analytics Cloud Survey, 83% of IT executives... more

IDMP: Is it a Cloud or a Big Data Project?

“If it is not cloud or big data, the execs don’t want to hear about it”. This was stated at the Informatica, HighPoint Solutions and Parexel IDMP round table held in London in May (Informatica’s 3rd round table on this topic).  I have heard similar comments before.  Judging by the nodding heads around the table,... more

5 things Business Execs Need to Know About Data

Whether you’re a CFO, CMO, Head of Sales, Risk, Compliance, Human Resources, having the right data in your business applications is critical for success.  Unfortunately, most business executives are often shielded from what really goes on under the cover, where all that data comes from, how it gets transformed, cleansed, and delivered into your CRM,... more