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Long-term Relationships: Improving Customer Experience in the Automotive Industry

Rather than focus singularly on traditional metrics such as Net Promoter Score, loyalty and satisfaction companies are racing to compete on customer experience. They are learning to extract valuable experience information from long-term relationship data. It’s not a coincidence that they use MDM to do it

The New Customer Experience: Social, Individual, Fast

I know, it is not usual to promote a certain brand on a blog like this. But I have to share this customer experience with Suitsupply. It is my favorite brand for suits, shoes and accessories, I wear for business or events like weddings. First of all it started off with an issue. I was trying... more

Slam-dunk, Quick Wins at Informatica World 2016 with Data as a Service

When you attend an event, do you ever return back to your office to find your boss waiting to know what you learned? How did you spend the department’s budget? Did you learn something of value at the event that will make the department better? I know, for me, it’s important that wherever I’m at... more

7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss the MDM 360 Summit in San Francisco

Where will you be on Tuesday, May 25th? Hopefully you’ll be with me at the MDM 360 Summit at Informatica World 2016 in San Francisco. The event attracts those who believe Data Powers Business. Here are 7 reasons why you should RSVP  for the MDM 360 Summit if you haven’t already. 1. Ask Questions at the Customer Data Strategies Panel with Disney, Hyatt, Renault & Cognizant... more

Transforming the Organization by Integrating Everyone

Some time ago I was actively involved with the Integration Consortium, a non-profit organization promoting best practices for data and systems integration. One of my duties was to organize conferences and I had the good fortune to secure Jim Rager[1], Ex-Vice Chairman of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) as the speaker for one of them.... more

The High Cost of Hidden Customer Data Issues

Original Article posted on Think you know how much customer data issues are costing you? You’re probably underestimating — by a lot. Customer data is important. Most marketers can agree on that. Rich customer data can improve our results, but we don’t know how to connect all of our data. And we don’t know... more

Part 2: How to Get Executive Buy In for a Customer Data Management Initiative

Today, a great business—one that leads its industry—requires strong data management. That’s because savvy consumers aren’t willing to put up with companies whose customer data is a mess. They want companies to understand them, remember them, and arm their people with the customer data they need to go the extra mile to delight them. But knowing... more

Part 1: How to Get Executive Buy-In for a Customer Data Management Initiative

It can be tricky to get a customer data management initiative off the ground. Sometimes IT leaders struggle to get executive buy-in. Why? Some business executives have mindsets that are difficult to change. Some believe data is an IT issue and don’t want to get involved. Some fear bureaucratic red tape that will slow them... more

Your Informatica World Experience for Customer Experience

Customer Data Strategies at the MDM 360 Summit at Informatica World   Every year, thousands of people from around the globe converge at Informatica World to discover the newest ways to power business with clean, consistent and connected data. This year the conference will be held between the dates of May 23rd and May 26th in San... more