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Centers of Excellence (COEs) are your path to beating your competition

Part 3 – Justification, Funding, and Placement This is the third in a series. Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here.                                                                        In this third and last installment, I will focus on: Staffing and Funding Sources for the Analytics COEI Justifying and Funding the Analytics COEI Positioning of the Analytics COEI Types of... more

Centers of Excellence (COEs) are your path to beating your competition – Part 2 (the Organization)

In this second installment, I will focus on:  Providing a sample charter  Providing examples of Guiding Principles  Reviewing examples of Operating Models  Recommending what LOBs to select first  Roles and responsibilities that an Analytics Center of Expertise and Innovation (COEI) should include  Functions and services that an Analytics COEI should provide  An example of a mature Analytics COEI organization  A... more

3 Easy Steps to Enhance Your Customer Profile Using Data Enrichment

What is data enrichment? Data enrichment is the process of integrating external and internal information with existing data to increase data accuracy and value. Combining trusted and authoritative information with existing data enables better business decisions and customer experiences. For example, by combining geocodes and address data with other business data, insurance companies can better... more

After 3 Years of GDPR, Lessons Learned and Key Actions to Take in Data Governance

With year 3 of the European Union’s groundbreaking General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) complete, it’s worth reflecting on this personal data privacy revolution and the best practices learned to help future success as we enter year 4. Has the GDPR become an unnecessary compliance burden—or is it a catalyst to creating new value from data?... more

Data Means Business

This blog has been co-authored by Jason Foster Implementing a successful data program is never easy. Even with the best tools and the most intelligent people, challenges always arise. A key ingredient for success—and one that we’ve often found to be missing—is support from crucial stakeholders such as executives, leaders, managers, and other influencers. These... more

Data means business: A practical guide for business leaders who want to learn how to use data strategically

Having spent the better part of my career in the data space—14 years with Pfizer as Director of Global Data Management, and now 9 years with Informatica as VP of Data Governance—data is clearly an area I’m passionate about. So I was intrigued when I heard that someone who I think very highly of—Barry Green,... more

How Centers of Excellence (COEs) are your path to beating your competition – Part 1 (the foundation)

Access to very specialized, innovative data expertise is crucial these days. Enterprises of all sizes face increasing pressures from very nimble and efficient startups, changing market trends, and global health challenges. To be successful, enterprises will need to do things better and faster than they have ever done before and adapt and innovate better than... more

Trusted Data Takes Center Stage

This week, Informatica will host its MDM 360 and Data Governance Summit. This annual conference has become a mainstay for the worldwide data governance community—and this year will be no different. We have planned an exciting lineup of internal thought leaders, industry partners, and insightful customer interviews. For the Data Governance part of the Summit,... more