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Using Data Issue Management to Solve Problems and Drive Value

In the early days of data governance, the main driver was regulatory: being able to certify that an organization knows where its critical data assets are, has defined ownership for those assets that can attest to their validity, and ultimately avoid risks and fines.  As data governance has evolved, however, it has become much more... more

From Informed Decisions to Innovation: How Medtronic Leverages Governance as a Foundation of Trust

As a data governance leader, how many times have you been asked, “where is this data,” or “what does this data mean” or even “why doesn’t this information match”? I can feel your eyes rolling now. The answer is — say it with me – all of the time! Beyond regulatory compliance, answering these types... more

Keys to Improving Data Literacy in Today’s Data-Driven Enterprises

Across every industry from financial services to healthcare, companies are creating, storing, analyzing, and leveraging data more than ever before to combat fraud, find new cures to deadly diseases, and automate entire industries with data-powered artificial intelligence and machine learning robotics.  Modern data integration, data quality, and data engineering technologies have made it easier than... more

Empowering Their Staff with the Best Data at Kelly Services

Kelly Services is a 74-year-old global leading staffing and workforce management organization. In order to provide the best experience to their customers, they needed data that they could rely on to make accurate decisions. This required building a framework and foundation with a common language around what their data means. They needed standards and consistency... more

Top Strategies to Stay Ahead of Changing Data Privacy Laws

Organizations are on a journey to unleash their most important asset—notwithstanding the innovators and data stewards who drive their business, of course. It’s the sensitive personal information about customers and other confidential data that is fueling digital transformation, delivering new analytic insights into consumer behavior, and unleashing new revenue streams. There’s a push to democratize data use and... more

Delivering Data Quality for Everyone, Everywhere

Welcome back to my final blog in the Data Quality for Everyone, Everywhere series. If you did not see my previous blogs, you’ll find them here: Data Quality for Everyone, Everywhere and Why Data Quality Does Not Extend To Everyone, Everywhere Today. Given the financial and reputational impact of poor data quality, there is a... more

Measuring Success in Data Governance

Whether you’re merely considering investment in a data governance effort, embarking on a data governance journey of your own, or looking to communicate the value of active, ongoing data governance efforts, it is essential to identify the types of metrics that are relevant to your business stakeholders.  Data governance is an area that is somewhat... more

Driving Business Value through Data Ethics

Given the extensive use of increasingly more data, combined with the growing reliance on algorithms for analysis to make decisions, organizations are having to investigate the provision of solutions including machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics to process data, and ensure corresponding practices address the ethical implications resulting from the use of both personal and... more