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Itemized Inefficiencies: Turn Your Public Cloud Bill into Action Items

An interesting benefit—and challenge—of moving to the cloud is the way it exposes longstanding inefficiencies that went unnoticed through years of on-premises IT management. We celebrate the flexibility of the cloud, and the speed and scalability, but one underappreciated advantage of bringing public cloud infrastructure to your organization is the transparency. Once you get over... more

Making Cloud Promises that You Can Deliver

Last year, we considered the grand sweep of the “journey to cloud,” from the high-level vision to the detailed roadmap. In between, we discussed the effort to align IT and business goals, and the challenges of winning support and staying the course. I’d like to start 2018 by drilling down into some of the specific... more

We Dare to Reimagine iPaaS

I have been part of Informatica for less than a month and the energy around the launch of the newly minted Informatica Intelligent Cloud Service (IICS) is palpable. Informatica’s new iPaaS is built on an advanced microservices based architecture, based on open REST APIs. This is exciting because it will drive rapid innovation for Informatica, allowing... more

Cloud Transformation: Avoiding Mistakes of the Past

As I’ve been writing this series of blog posts, the overarching theme has been the journey to a better IT infrastructure—a cloud-based architecture that is specifically geared to provide greater agility, scalability and reliability. In essence, to provide greater business value. But that was the plan with the old architecture, too—and it didn’t always work... more

Cloud Data Management: Transformation starts with putting value on your data

Executive support is vital to any digital transformation. My last few posts have noted this as we’ve covered the vision, strategy, and roadmapping for a transformative cloud journey. “Executive support” is a vague phrase, so let’s look at it more closely: The business buys into a plan because the plan is good for business—it has... more

The Cloud Roadmap: Where Your Vision Gets Real

This post continues a series on taking your cloud journey from strategic vision to practical reality. Previously: Lessons from the Field: The One Question You Have to Answer Four Ways to Keep Your Cloud Evolution on Track How Data Governance Keeps Your Journey to Cloud on Track In recent posts, I’ve discussed the process of... more

Announcing Informatica Cloud Services for Azure – PAYG. New Hourly Pricing!

We are pleased to announce Informatica Cloud Services for Azure – Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG), the latest addition in our on-going commitment to support the Azure public cloud platform. Now, you can fast-track Azure data integration projects with no upfront costs – paying for only what you use. We built this solution to help lower cloud adoption... more