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The benefit of leveraging Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud for Delta Lake on Databricks

Accelerate your data engineering pipeline development on Databricks and govern your Delta Lake with Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud. Informatica recently announced advanced ingestion and integration capabilities for Databricks Delta with its summer 2021 release. The new capabilities help data analysts and data scientists move large amounts of data into Databricks Delta Lake for AI,... more

3 Key Advantages of Using Java User-Defined Functions (UDF) for Snowflake with Informatica

Snowflake recently announced the availability of Snowpark and Java functions in preview for all customers on AWS. These two new features are a bridge into the data engineering world and data programmability. They open up Snowflake Data Cloud to additional personas such as data scientists and Java developers. And they invite engineers to use the... more

Journey to Profitability: from Resell to Adoption

When I started my career in the software business, sometime between the late 80s and the early 90s, emerging technology vendors were rapidly competing for a dominant global market share. Time was of the essence and no matter the size of their own salesforce, these large multinational companies couldn’t scale to meet the gigantic addressable... more

Guide to Code-Free Data Ingestion for Your Cloud Modernization Journey

Co-authored by Preetam Kumar With the exponential growth of enterprise data, businesses today are facing a mammoth digital challenge. The traditional and legacy on-premises databases, data warehouses, and data lakes have failed to address the volume, variety, and velocity of data generated in the cloud. A recent study suggests that almost 73% of enterprises have... more

Why Advanced Pushdown Optimization Is a Must-Have Capability for Your Cloud Analytics Journey

The widespread adoption of cloud databases and transactional reporting systems across the business landscape has led to exponential growth in the volume and variety of data moving through organizations. As a result, today’s organizations are struggling to integrate more data in less time and at less cost. They’re also trying to decode the right data... more

Cloud Data Warehouse Modernization for Finance Analytics: Leveraging Finance KPIs

Like many other executives today, CFOs and finance officers are trying to make data-driven decisions to steer their businesses. These finance leaders rely on analytics insights derived from a wide range of data sources (including systems such as ERP, CRM, HR, and more) and finance KPIs (such as cash flow, revenue, and liquidity ratios). How... more

Informatica Jumps to Second Position in Gartner Market Share Analysis: Event Stream Processing Platforms Worldwide, 2020 Report

Informatica is ranked as the no. 2 Events Stream Processing Platform provider in the latest Gartner “Market Share Analysis: Event Stream Processing Platforms, Worldwide, 2020 report.” [1] The report shows that Informatica has 5.6% of overall market share. In the total market size of the top 10 named vendors, Informatica has 12% of the market.... more

Centers of Excellence (COEs) are your path to beating your competition

Part 3 – Justification, Funding, and Placement This is the third in a series. Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here.                                                                        In this third and last installment, I will focus on: Staffing and Funding Sources for the Analytics COEI Justifying and Funding the Analytics COEI Positioning of the Analytics COEI Types of... more