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Digital Disruption: Customers Buy Experiences Not Products

A recent CBS news segment showed that while major American hotel chains were just beginning to build their properties in Cuba, AirBnB already had several thousand properties for its customers to choose from. In an era of this kind of digital disruption, it should come as no surprise that the President of Hyatt hotels claims... more

The Power of Data to Transform Businesses is Here with Data 3.0

As we saw last week at Informatica World 2016, it has never been clearer: data is changing the way business is done. Every industry, from banking to healthcare to consumer goods, is being transformed with data as a fundamental change agent. This generational shift, which we call Data 3.0, is benefiting customers who are experiencing... more

A Playbook for Digital Disruption: Is Your Company Ready?

Catching the next wave Geoffrey Moore starts his latest book entitled “Zone to Win” by urging companies not to sit still because today this makes them a sitting duck. But he at the very same time, he suggests that leaders at “incumbent enterprises” are not stupid. These companies are making investments in their future. What... more

Should CDOs Drive Corporate Digital Disruption?

While the answer to this question will take time to answer, it is clear now that digital disruption is the reason that Chief Data Officers (CDOs) often get hired in the first place. This is a finding of research recently conducted by Forrester Consulting for Informatica. The research will be released at The Digital Disruption... more

The Data Revolution is Here and Informatica is Leading the Charge

Last year, I flew more than 200,000 miles across the globe. And, while I lead Informatica’s product team, I wasn’t just traveling to support our R&D efforts. I spent a majority of the time traveling to meet with our customers – getting to hear their successes and desires for the future around how we work... more

Does Business Strategy Change Demand a Change to Enterprise Architecture?

Over the last several years, I have gotten to read several books on business strategy and enterprise architecture. What I found most interesting was just how well Paul Leinwand’s book “The Essential Advantage” fit with Jeanne Ross’s “Enterprise Architecture as Strategy”. Both propose a resources/capabilities based approach to strategy. However, as I was finishing a... more