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The New Security Perimeter: Data-Understanding Risk and Protections

A webinar well-worth attending for security, risk and data professionals is scheduled for next Wednesday, September 9th.  The webinar addresses critical issues for data security, where data presents risks and how sensitive data is growing and proliferating through organizations.  We all know that security is challenged and the speakers will explore how data can become... more

The Power of Data Security Intelligence

Organizational risk continues to climb as data breaches overwhelm today’s information security technologies and practices. Despite billions expended on information security every year, highly motivated cyber gangs, organized crime and nation states are winning the cyber-arms race. Once networks and systems are breached, sensitive data seems to be pilfered at will. And organizations acknowledge their... more

Data Security Survey – The Sequel: More is Less

Informatica and Ponemon Institute concluded their second annual survey on data centric security, titled “The State of Data Security Intelligence.” This follows last year’s report on “The State of Data Centric Security.” The survey results yield no surprises as they mirror the never-ending data breach headlines:  Organization’s perceive more risk as they have less confidence... more

Data Is Precious: Secure it Accordingly

Security professionals are in dire need of a solution that provides visibility into where sensitive and confidential data resides, as well as visibility into the data’s risk. [1] This knowledge would allow those responsible to take an effective, proactive approach to combating cybercrime. By focusing on the data, Informatica and our customers, partners and market ecosystem... more

Addressing the FREAK Vulnerability

After a careful review by Informatica’s product development teams, patches to mitigate the FREAK SSL/TLS vulnerability (CVE-2015-0204) are now available from our support website. What you need to know The FREAK vulnerability allows an attacker with a privileged position on a network (e.g. “man-in-the-middle attacker”) to compromise the SSL/TLS handshake between the client and server. The attack forces... more

What It Takes Today to Be an Effective CISO

What does it take to be an effective Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in today’s era massive data breaches? Besides skin as thick as armor and proven experience in security, an effective CISO needs to hold the following qualities: A strong grasp of their security program’s capabilities and of their adversaries The business acumen to... more

Informatica’s response to GHOST

After a careful review by Informatica, the recent Ghost buffer overflow vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235) does not require any Informatica patches for our on-premise products. All Informatica cloud-hosted services were patched by Jan 30. What you need to know Ghost is a buffer overflow vulnerability found in glibc (GNU C Library), most commonly found on Linux systems. All distributions of Linux... more