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Secure@Source Version 2: Data Visibility, Risk and Financial Impact

I don’t think I’m overstating anything by calling the next 10 years “The Decade of Data” –  data of every variety, volume and use proliferates to meet the insatiable demands of analysts, executives, marketers and researchers.  Rich data sets provide the means for insights and answers to complex questions that create competitive advantage or research breakthroughs. ... more

Data Visibility, Risk and Financial Impact: Secure@Source Version 2 Webinar

The need for understanding sensitive data continues to grow; driven by persistent threats, data growth and dispersion, and byzantine privacy laws and industry regulation.   Reported data breaches provided a routine cadence of organizations whose security efforts failed to protect their most valuable and entrusted asset:  sensitive data, whether their customers or constituents or staff. Current... more

What Is Data Security Intelligence?

Data Security Intelligence (DSI) provides highly automated technology solution for the collection and correlation of information about sensitive data, continuous risk monitoring risk , analytics to identify high risk areas, threat detection, and delivery of highly actionable insights to prioritize remediation actions.  DSI goes beyond traditional analytics by incorporating advanced methods such as machine learning... more

Securing Sensitive Information in the Big Data World

The last year have seen a lot of improvements in big data security.  Some are available natively as part of the Apache framework and various Hadoop distributions.  Different distributions have different levels of security capability.  While additional security is offered through distribution-neutral software solutions, like Informatica Data Security.  Let’s review the following security categories and... more

The New Security Perimeter: Data-Understanding Risk and Protections

A webinar well-worth attending for security, risk and data professionals is scheduled for next Wednesday, September 9th.  The webinar addresses critical issues for data security, where data presents risks and how sensitive data is growing and proliferating through organizations.  We all know that security is challenged and the speakers will explore how data can become... more

The Power of Data Security Intelligence

Organizational risk continues to climb as data breaches overwhelm today’s information security technologies and practices. Despite billions expended on information security every year, highly motivated cyber gangs, organized crime and nation states are winning the cyber-arms race. Once networks and systems are breached, sensitive data seems to be pilfered at will. And organizations acknowledge their... more