Topic "Data Quality"

Consistent, Curated Data Though Hub-based Data Quality and Enrichment

Data fragmentation and poor quality data are significant challenges for large organizations around the world.  The old computing adage of “garbage in, garbage out” is as true now as it has ever been and inconsistencies between data processing done in separate, parallel point-to-point integrations feeding different systems done on a project basis over time can... more

‘Beautiful’ Data is Useful Data

Organizations are finding it easier to acquire data and flow it through their systems. However, it’s likely to be piling up, either unused or misunderstood. Managing, maintaining and storing increasingly larger volumes and varieties of data has a cost – and it can be expensive. Whether storing onsite or in the cloud, it adds up.... more

Exploring Open Data with Data Prep

What the Heck’s in That (Open) Dataset? Here’s a No-Brainer Way to Find Out! Open data is just plain…awesome! If you need some inspiration or ideas for external data sources to analyze, you can start exploring open datasets for statistics about various topics ranging from agriculture to business, public safety, education, consumers, government, energy, finance,... more

Q&A from “Quantifying the True Value of Collaborative Data Prep” Webinar with Blue Hill Research

Our curious audience sure inspired a lively discussion during our webinar “Quantifying the True Value of Collaborative Data Prep” with James Haight of Blue Hill Research and Andrew Comstock, Director of Product Management for Informatica Data Preparation. Insights are best when shared. So we thought we’d share the top questions from the audience, along James... more

Blue Hill Research Links Dollars to Analysts’ Data Prep Time: Highlights from “Quantifying the True Value of Collaborative Data Prep” [Webinar Recap]

In our recent webinar “Quantifying the True Value of Collaborative Data Prep,” principal analyst James Haight of Blue Hill Research and director of product management Andrew Comstock discussed the key findings and implications of the Blue Hill Research benchmark study. First, we’d like to thank everyone who joined us for the live webinar. We appreciate all... more