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The importance of high-quality data requires constant vigilance: Dimensions of Data Quality

The second in a two-part series about monitoring data quality performance using data quality metrics.   Welcome back to part 2 of my series about the importance of high-quality data and how it requires constant vigilance. In this blog, I will look at dimensions of data quality and the validating and monitoring of data quality.... more

10 Ways AI Improves Master Data Management

Last month, we announced the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud. One of the key attributes of our industry-first offering is AI native at scale. CLAIRE is the AI powerhouse behind our Intelligent Data Management Cloud. Built on an enterprise unified metadata foundation, it provides AI-driven automation of data management activities. In this blog post, I’ll... more

How to Create and Execute a Customer-Centricity Strategy

Customer-centricity is putting the customer first in everything you do. Think of customer-centricity as your internal customer compass. Customer experience is the impression that customers have about your company at every step of their journey with your brand. Think of customer experience as your external face to the world. Expectations for seamless, personalized experiences and... more

The importance of high-quality data requires constant vigilance

First in a two-part blog series about monitoring data quality performance using data quality metrics. Organizational data quality management is often introduced as a reaction to an acute issue or ongoing problems—issues or problems where data failure adversely affected the business. This reactive approach may be typified by a rush to identify, evaluate, and purchase... more

How to Infuse Artificial Intelligence into Cloud Data Management

The Impact of AI Last year, the global impact of the coronavirus helped fuel the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in almost every industry as organizations accelerated their digital transformation journeys. The pandemic has brought considerable changes in many areas, like faster drug delivery, remote working, efficient supply chain management, virtual... more

Informatica Enterprise Accelerator supercharges intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Better Data -> Better Insights -> Better Decisions “Customer Centric experiences are no longer optional, they are mandatory.” This statement is the most non-controversial and agreeable proclamation within any organization. Forrester’s research1 shows that 80% of customers will spend more with a brand that provides an exceptional experience, and their research also confirms that organizations... more

Why Do Enterprises Today Need Data Cataloging More Than Ever?

The data landscape is changing and growing rapidly. Data has become the new competitive battlefield of our time. As a result, many organizations today are committed to become “data-driven.” However, leading organizations seem to be failing in these efforts. The 2019 Big Data and AI Executive Survey published by NewVantage Partners revealed the percentage of... more

Three Ways Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud Improves Master Data Management

At Informatica World 2021, our CEO Amit Walia announced the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud, and Chief Product Officer Jitesh Ghai discussed the key attributes and services provided. (Watch the video from the keynote announcement.) In this blog post, I’m going one layer deeper to show how the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud improves simplicity,... more