Topic "Natural Resources / Oil & Gas"

Hurricanes, Quakes and Forest Fires

Hurricane Irma, Maria and the recent quake in Mexico City have shown once again that we are at the mercy of Nature’s wrath. Power companies are scrambling in Houston, Puerto Rico and Florida to re-establish service with the help of reciprocal agreements they have put in place with their Northern brethren. Many areas serving millions... more

Managing Decline with a Swiss Army Knife, not a Machete

In case you have not noticed, it is campaign season.  Hyperbole is flying high these days.  Donald Trump stumps with statements that the US is going to hell in a hand basket because of bad deals being made. The other side is railing on the 1% destroying the country.  Politics aside (certainly don’t want to go... more

Well Connected

Faster Well Data, Better Decisions.  Are you Operationally Ready? Informatica partner, SSG Ltd[i], has developed a method using Informatica software to accelerate delivery of XML data, or eXtensible Markup Language, including WITSML data. Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language, or WITSML, is an industry-developed XML standard for drilling, completions and interventions data interchange in oil & gas[ii].... more