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Do You Accept the Premium for This Road Trip: Yes/No?

In a prior post, “Your Car Does Not Lie”, I talked about the financial reasons why automotive OEMs want to derisk their business model by moving to a more predictable demand and technology model offered by sectors like insurance, business services, entertainment and logistics. A recent article in EurActive stirred my interest as it looked... more

Integrating the Voice of the Customer: Live from MDM 360 Summit with Renault

Integrating the Voice of the Customer: Live from the MDM 360 Summit with Renault’s Christophe Drelon and Pierre Benoit The Customer Data Strategies track at Informatica World 2016 featured a trio of success stories including Renault. Renault’s Christophe Drelon, Head of Voice of Customer & Data at Renault, and Pierre Benoit, Manager, MDM Data Exchange and Governance... more

The Race for the Automotive App Store

Tailor Today…Baker Tomorrow Having grown up in Europe with parents who learned a trade protected by a guild, I always wondered how a person in the US could be in one profession today, pay for a business license and open another business tomorrow. Who would make sure what they produced was of good quality and... more