Sunil Kumar Sabat

Sunil Sabat has years of hardware and software industry skills in varieties of roles - Intel circuit design automation to delivering enterprise software solutions involving IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Open Source technologies. He is currently a member of Microsoft Developer Guidance Advisory council. Sunil has earned MS ( Computer Engineering ) and MS ( Computer Science ) from University of Louisiana, in 1989 and 1990 respectively. Sunil also has an MBA ( Marketing and Finance ) from Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University, California. Sunil is IBM DB2, Microsoft .NET, SNIA Storage and CompTIA ( Linux+, Security+ and Network+) certified professional. He also holds a Software Security Certificate from Stanford University. Sunil has presented papers at academic and open source conferences like ISCAS 89, CompEuro 90 and Eclipse 2008. He has presented at IBM IOD and Intel IPDT conferences. Recently, he presented at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013 on Hadoop programming. He has reviewed a popular hardware design book on Verilog, while co-authored an IBM Software Redbook published in 2009. Sunil has worked in various roles of product strategy, design, development, release, marketing, sales and support spanning over the entire revenue life cycle management backed up by direct partner and customer engagement. Specialties include new technology adaption, promotion, risk management, cost control and multi-geography personnel/operations management.

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