Kash Mehdi

Connecting people through data! Kash brings deep international data governance experience working with customers across various industries. In his current role at Informatica, Kash’s responsibilities include providing leadership to the North America region to expand Data Governance footprint across industries covering Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Government, Oil & Gas, Insurance, and more. Oversight business conversations and craft the strategy for mapping solutions coverings Data Governance, Catalog, Data Privacy, Data Quality, and MDM. Engage with prospective and existing customers to identify the business need around Regulatory Compliance, Data Analytics, Customer Intelligence, and Digital Transformation, and map Informatica technology solutions. Previously, Kash worked at Collibra where he started as the 5th founding member and leading a global advisory team to scale data governance programs for customers and help guide the company through milestones including double-digit revenue growth, customer acquisition, and market leadership. He also held a research role at the Bioinformatics division of UAMS and designed an ontology-driven quality framework supporting cancer research. Kash has a master’s degree in Information Quality from UA Little Rock in collaboration with MIT, and a bachelor's in Computer Science. He has appeared as a guest speaker at many international forums on (for) Data Governance and Kash’s work has been published in journals like Gartner, Info Gov, International Data Governance Winter Conference (DG Winter), MITCDO Forum, DMC LATAM in Brazil, Collibra Data Citizens, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, International Association for Information and Data Quality (IAIDQ), UA Little Rock and Informatica.